Fall In Love With The Beelzebubs [VIDEO]

It all started with Glee. Every Wednesday, as soon as the show ended, I would hop onto iTunes and download every song they sang. And then I’d listen to them over and over and over again. No joke, I listened to “Somebody To Love” 27 times in one day.

And then The Sing Off premiered on Monday, taking my obsession with singing groups to a whole new level.

This 4 day competition brought the country’s best a cappella groups together to compete for a $100,000 record deal. I wasn’t sure about a show hosted by Nick Lache (let’s be honest – what does this guy really know about singing?), but I couldn’t deny my love for show choirs or Ben Folds (one of the judges) so I turned it on anyway.

All 8 groups were pretty talented (including the moms in the blazers), but there was one group in particular that blew me away.

Tuft’s own Beelzebubs.

I think I’m in love. (Yeah, I may or may not have cyber-stalked the sh*t out of them after the first episode….) These boys not only entertained (making a cappella look painfully cool), but they may have restored my faith in college men. They are adorable, they dress well (sigh, caridigans), they are humble, sweet, hilarious and, DAMN, those boys can sing. Did I mention how cute they are?

I can’t get enough of the Bubs. I’ve watched all of their YouTube videos, started to follow them on Twitter (in hopes that they’d follow us, see how awesome we are, and one or all of them would eventually propose marriage…), and even considered applying to a grad program at Tufts just to see them in the flesh.

What? Too much?

If you haven’t seen these guys in action yet, check out their very first performance on The Sing Off. Then tell me you aren’t smitten.
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The show’s finale is on Monday night and it’s up to all of us to choose the winner. I’ve already voted for the Bubs (11 times…) but you should, too!

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