The Know: Hairspray, Glitter and Leggings…and It’s Not 1988

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L’Oreal Elnett Hairspray
I usually hate hair spray. I was scarred by my senior year roommate who sprayed an entire massive can of extra hold spray into her hair on a daily basis. In fact, if I close my eyes I can still taste the left-over mist in my mouth. It really made it a joy to pee…and shower… for a year. I so badly wanted to tell her that 80s bangs and poofy hair left with – uh – the 80s, but instead, I added hairspray to my food diary… and held my breath for dear life every time I had to go near the bathroom.

But, the fact is, sometimes, a girl needs some spray. When you’re curling your hair, when you have a Jew fro (unfortch, me), when you need to tame fly-aways without making your hair look like you just rubbed grease all over it…

Enter from stage left: the best new hairspray ever from beauty giant, L’Oreal. Apparently Europe has been in The Know on this stuff for years, but some ingredient made it illegal to sell in the U.S. Not anymore! With a new formula this bad boy is on shelves nationwide and, once everyone is in The Know, it will be flying off said shelves quite soon. It’s non-sticky, non-smelly, and specially formulated for all different types of hair. Now my hair looks good and my tongue is not coated with some stank taste of product. Mission accomplished.

Danskin Women’s Supplex/Lycra Capri Legging
When leggings first came into trend, I stole a pair I found buried in my mom’s drawer of 90s puff-paint sweatshirts and pin-on accessories. Truth. But regardless of their roots, they are my favorite leggings I own and the only ones I wear. Every single day. But can you blame me? They suck everything in and make my legs look damn good while still being comfortable enough that I feel like I have room to eat that extra cookie. And still look good.

I’ve wanted another pair forever (because wearing the same pants every day is gross) but whatever 90s company made them no longer exists. But, hollerrrr, I recently learned that the brand Danskin makes leggings that do the exact same thing. Calf or ankle length, these Supplex leggings are a must-have for your wardrobe. You’ll look hot, your butt won’t jiggle when you walk and you can even work them at the gym.

Lippman Collections’ Happy Birthday Nail Polish
I will be the first to admit that $20 is a lot to spend on a nail polish. But Lippman Collections’ Happy Birthday may be worth it. It’s multi-colored glitter makes your finger nails look like your 3rd grade art project and, really, who doesn’t want that? Could it be I’m so into this shade because I want revenge for the time in 7th grade I brought home gold glitter Hard Candy nail polish and my mom yelled at me and told me no daughter of hers would wear that crap on her nails and then made me return it? Sure. But I also think it’s pretty, it’s shiny, it’s fun and it’s the perfect holiday party/NYE polish. And if you like the idea of shimmer but sequins aren’t your thing, this is a great way to add some shine without looking like you’re wearing a dance costume (says the girl who is typing this while sporting her sequined black and gold headband from her 2001 dance costume…).

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