Britney’s Back…But Is She?

It all started at the 2008 VMAs. Britney (surprisingly, to some) took home 3 awards, including the top honor, Video of the Year. After two babies, a failed marriage and a serious fall from grace, the world celebrated the return of our favorite pop star.

And the ball kept rolling through 2009. Spears ditched the douche bags (who can forget Sam Lutfi and Adnan Ghalib?) and wigs, got back in the recording studio and went on a world tour. She secured an endorsement deal with Candies, she showed up on the cover of magazines again, she had multiple hits, and she got back partial custody of her children. Yeah, it was a pretty great year for Ms. Britney.

But I have to ask: despite all that, is Britney really back?

While she may have given up the hourly Starbucks runs and love affairs with the Paparazzi, I find it difficult to look at Britney as the mega super star I once stalked after a concert (true story – her giant body guard was not happy). I, like most young girls, idolized Britney. She was hot, world famous, a trend setter, talented, and her songs were the best.

Now, she’s hot, but after watching her self destruct, I can’t look at her and not see the very talented team that is so obviously dictating her every move.

Sure, she took a world tour, but her performances were mediocre.
Yeah, she’s had some major hits, but it’s impossible to ignore her manufactured voice.
And she may look super hot in those new Candies ads, but all I see is the girl who was put on Psych lockdown playing the part of a sexy pop starlet because that’s what she’s been told to do.

I think Britney’s people have done a great job of bringing her back this past year and I can’t thank them enough for “If You Seek Amy,” but I’ll never be able to put Britney back on the pedestal on which she once stood. Hard as I try, I can’t see her as the world’s pop princess, a fashion icon, or anything else she once represented.

I’ll still play her music while I work out and I’ll dance to it when I’m at the bar, but let’s face it, people: Britney 2.0 is just a watered down version of of greatness.

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