Duke It Out: Home for the Holidays with Him

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Ah, the holidays – the food, the lights, the presents, and let’s not forget your family’s warm embrace… of your boyfriend. Yeah, OK, you love the family, and the significant other is a, well, significant part of your life, so it makes sense that at this loving, sharing time of the year to try and bring the two together – or does it?

There are some definite perks to bringing the boy home for the holidays. For one, you get to spend time with your fam without having to give up time with your guy. And why should you have to leave him? After all, he’s a part of your life, which means he’s part of theirs too, and everybody should be grown up enough to get along for a few days. Plus, it’s a perfect time to prove to the family what a great guy he is (if they’re not convinced yet) since spending that much time with him will help them all get to know each other a lot better than over the typical 1-2 hour meet-the-parentals dinner. There’s also the little bonus of having lots of other people around and things going on, so it’s not as much pressure on the guy as a typical trip home might be since everyone’s distracted.

Holiday fun with all the people yo care about, what’s not to love?

But we can’t pretend there aren’t some little hitches involved in mixing your guy and the family over the holidays, too. To start with, your family has those naked baby pictures of you (not to mention the awkward, acne-face pictures and the “why did I dye my hair that color” pictures) and as embarrassing as it is when the bf sees those, worse is the fact that that’s the way your family still sees you. You and the guy together is probably going to give mom and dad some degree of the willys, and don’t even think about sleeping in the same room, let alone the same bed. And you can’t ignore the real possibility that as crazy as you are about him, everybody might not get along and you’re going to have a lot of awkward moments to deal with. And if they don’t get along, you run the risk of looking like the bad guy as you try and defend them to each other.

Yeah, things could go from jolly to holy-hell-what-was-I-thinking really effing quick.

So what do you think? Is it worth the risks to be with your beloved over the break? Or are certain things better when separate?

Duke it out!

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Coupled. It’s Game Time
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