Single. And Left Out.


You know what it’s like when everyone is talking about last night’s Gossip Girl episode that you didn’t get a chance to watch because you had to study for some dumb Calc final and you’re the only one out of the convo? And while you try to keep from having anything spoiled for you before you get a chance to watch the episode online, everyone else can relate over how crazy it is that a threesome actually occurred and V looked ridiculous in her lingerie and “OMG I can’t believe that happened,” and they’re all bonding over something you weren’t a part of.

Sometimes, hanging out with my couple friends feels like that.

Now understand, I was one half of the same couple for a long three years, so I have a firm grasp on this from the couple perspective. My coupled friends can’t always help talking about their relationships – they are a huge part of their lives, after all. And they’re excited and happy and in love and they just want to share that with their BFFs. And when we go out and they do coupley things, they aren’t doing it to rub their love in our single faces; they just want to hang out with all of us and include everyone, regardless of their Facebook relationship status. I have no doubt that whatever they do is done with the best of intentions.

But now seeing this all from the single perspective, it is so easy to feel left out. Or occasionally grossed out. I mean, come on, some pet names are not meant for other people’s ears. And I don’t need to see you guys suck face while we’re watching a movie in the living room.

This whole thing is only worse during the holidays when even just staying in to watch Christmas movies with your honey sounds romantic. It’s like everywhere I turn there’s love and coupledom being shoved in my face. Maybe I don’t like being reminded that I have yet to find someone that I deem worthy of keeping me warm during the long winter nights, or maybe I’m just jealous, but every once in awhile I am fairly certain that I am allowed to be annoyed when one of the boyfriends crashes a sacred girls’ event.

Not that that happens often…according to the girlfriends. But, trust me, it happens often enough that I end up “going to bed” early (“You know, I got a class early in the morning….”) just to get away from it. I don’t blame my friends and I don’t resent them for it, but no matter how much I love them, sometimes hanging out with my coupled friends doesn’t sound like fun.

Catching up on the latest Gossip Girl, though? Now, that never disappoints.

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Duke It Out: Home for the Holidays with Him
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