Study Says Ugly People Should Move to a Farm

Rural America Welcomes You, Not-So-Pretty People!

Ok, so not in so many words, but a recent study out of the University of Georgia claims that “less attractive” people would see much more happiness and success in rural communities than in the big city.


“In rural areas, relationships are less about choice and more about who is already living in the community.”

Damn, the truth hurts.

The study goes on to say what we all already know: life is a whole lot easier for pretty people. Which explains why people like Audrina Patridge get invited to movie premieres and why the world is so enthralled with the success of Susan Boyle.

So, I guess I’ve been going about the whole dating thing all wrong. Maybe my best approach for finding a BF is switching to Agricultural Studies?

What do you think? Do the beauties of the world have it easier than the…er….genetically challenged?

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