Weekly Wrap Up: Out With The Tests, In With the Cheer

As the week comes to an end, so do my finals (thank. effing. god). Hopefully those of you who aren’t done are almost there, because I am way too ready to be home and I’d venture a guess the rest of you are too. I am ready to jump into full-fledged Christmas cheer mode. And since us college girls have to get out all of our holiday cheer in a week, it’s time to go into holiday overload.

I’m talking red mini-dresses, peppermint cocktails, Mariah Carey on repeat, the works…

But until we can hop on that train/bus/airplane and hightail it home, here are a few highlights from the week to get you through and keep you sane:

– You might be bored studying, but condoms can add some fun to your life. Well, your sex life.

– Although no amount of horny or fun condoms could get these guys near our lady parts!

– Just because we should dump our high school boyfriends doesn’t mean we can’t have a little winter break friends-with-benefits thing going on, does it?

– Has the semester sucked up all your time and cash? Make your friends these cute picture frames for Christmas, it’s super easy, thoughtful and cheap!

– Need a meal worthy of your end-of-finals celebration? This turkey burger with Brie should do the trick. Paired with some beer, of course.

– Another reason to be glad this week is over? Our fave TV shows were totally MIA. It’s a good thing were resourceful and found some other things to do.

– Need some resolutions for 2010? Why don’t we all come together and make some much needed changes.  Here’s to packing in all the sloppy drunk nights and Facebook-stalking sessions before New Years!

– One of my willpower pitfalls? Browsing Sephora and walking out with half the store. Good thing there’s a basketful of things I can get that each go for under $20.

– Did it seriously just get easier to stalk people on Facebook? Is that even possible?

– Do you remember 2000? We do! Damn, that was a long time ago.

– Know a tree hugger or a philanthropist? We’ve got their perfect gift. Actually, we’ve got the perfect gifts for everyone on your list.

– While you’re giving, why not take some time this break to give back this season?

Good luck with finals, CollegeCandies!

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