Fashion Trends 2009: Out With The Ugly, In With The New

As 2009 quickly comes to an end (can you freakin’ believe it’s almost 2010?!), we are all looking forward to a new year in some way or another. Maybe you’ve set some super ambitious resolutions you can’t wait to start on (I will be living 2010 on a treadmill), or maybe you’re excited to ring in the New Year in a fabulous dress and even more fabulous friends.

What I’m looking forward to is a new year of jewelry, shoes, and clothing.

What could be more exciting then a whole new round of trends and styles to rock around campus?

But perhaps part of this excitement comes from the fact that in order to bring in a slew of new trends, some of the old ones are going to have to go. And this year I’m not going to be shedding any tears to kick 2009 fashion trends to the curb.

Don’t get me wrong – there is definitely some to-die-for stuff out there that is coming with me into the new year. My leather bomber jacket, knee high boots, and embellished tees being three of them. But along with all the good came a whole lot of ugly this year and here are five trends that will have me screaming “Out with the ugly! And in with the new!” when the ball drops this New Year’s Eve.

Open Toed Booties
Am I the only one who thinks these things make absolutely no sense? You wear boots in the colder months, because they allow you to look stylish while staying warm. Except in 2009, apparently, when women everywhere are warding off frostbite as they click around town with two toes peeping out the front of their boots. Suddenly we’re turning to the homeless man for fashion inspiration?

We aren’t in the air force or going to the moon, so why are stepping into full body-length pantsuits? Are people nervous that they will lose their top or bottom if they are not connected? If you want a streamlined look,the traditional pantsuit will work just fine. And honestly, this trend is presenting a condition way too conducive to a camel toe for my comfort.

Sky High Heels
In magazines they are amazing, on the red carpet they look hot…on me they look like wobbly stilts that inevitably lead to twisted ankles and sore arches. I’m all for a sexy high heel, but this season the heels are just too damn high. How can I look sexy standing at the bar when I’m teetering from side to side, my drink spilling all over the place? Let’s stick to the 4 inchers next year and leave this 6-inch nonsense in 2009.

Leggings are great, and the fact that they are trendy this season is something I hope will continue into the New Year. They look cute with heels or boots, a dressy blazer or a chunky knit sweater. But making them in jean material is going one step too far. Skinny jeans are made just for this purpose; they are figure flattering if you find the right cut and fit perfectly into you winter boots. Jeggings, on the other hand, hug in all the wrong places unless you’re a size 0, and leave us all requiring a “wide load” sign across our butts to safely walk in public.

Shoulder Pads
Why are they haunting us? Everyone I see in this trend reminds me of pictures of my mom from the early 80s. Some things just need to be left in the past and these two of those somethings. Huge, pointy shoulders aren’t cute. And unless you have a really rough walk to class where you must body check people to get a seat, a normal blazer will do.

What other fashion trends are you looking forward to dumping in 2010?

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