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Guys and Their Moms: How Close is Too Close?


Yeah, it's cute back then, but what about when that kid is 18? Still cute?

Okay, so we all know the mantra you can tell how a guy will treat you by the way he treats his mom. Does he take care of her? Open doors for her? Help out around the house? Check, check aaaand check – you have husband material on your hands.

But last night while I was studying and making snowflake chains (I wish I was kidding…I’m desperate for some holiday cheer over here), I happened to flip on the season finale of Top Chef (no, I haven’t watched one episode this season but I still couldn’t look away) and witness a level of motherly love that I’m just not sure I’m comfortable with.

That’s right, I’m talking a fully grown and bearded man going in for a full contact, lip on lip kiss. With his mama.

WTF?! Since when is this socially acceptable? It’s cute when a 2-year-old smooches his mother’s lips, but a grown man planting a wet one on his mom’s mouth is more than I can handle. And I’m convinced this is why Chef Kevin wasn’t named Top Chef; no matter how good his food is, no one has an appetite after witnessing that display.

The whole thing got me thinking (while the other two chefs’ food got my stomach growling): How close it too close? And at what point does a guy’s relationship with his mom send you running for the hills? I don’t know about you, but  I’m just not comfortable walking into Christmas dinner with my boyfriend and having him smooch his mom as we enter.

What do you guys think? Is it no big deal or are you totally skeeved out?

Brianna is a Starbucks addicted, stiletto wearing city girl, and a new Collegecandy intern!