College Q&A: Do I Really Have to Go To Lecture?

College. Sigh. It’s unlike any other time in your life. It has its own set of rules, its own unique circumstances. And it’s not always easy to navigate. Everyone needs a little guidance now and then (or always) so we’ve pulled together a variety of perspectives (the does-it-all girl, the party girl and Ms. Study Lounge) to weigh in on your life conundrums and give you the best advice we can.

Every week they’ll be tackling your questions about college. From classes to keggers to keggers before classes, they’ll do their best to respond and be your Pez dispenser of collegiate wisdom. Got questions? Unsure of a decision? Just wanna chat it up with some really awesome chics?

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OK, so I have a 8am lecture 3 days a week next semester. Even better, it’s a requirement which I DO NOT want to take. There are apparently over 200 people in the class, the prof puts the notes online, he’s apparently horribly boring and I really don’t feel like getting up at 7 to go. Especially since my next class isn’t until 2pm. Annoying.

What do you think?Can I get by without it or do I really need to be there to pass the class?

Busy Bee:
I completely understand – many college requirements seem like a waste, the overwhelming students make you feel unimportant, and the prof makes you want to jump right back into bed. But honestly, I don’t think you should sign up for a class you don’t intend on ever attending. Think about it: is there any other class you can sign up for? If not a different class altogether, maybe the same class at a different time with a different prof? I know that a majority of college students end up skipping class, but being a student who doesn’t, I’ve learned that the teachers often go over things that aren’t always in the notes. In addition, you’re paying ridiculous amounts of money to be in that classroom, so I say you make the most of it. At least sign up for a class you’d be motivated to attend, or don’t do it at all. I mean, with all that you have going on, are you really going to get up at 7am? Lastly, what’s passing for you? Is it a C or is it an A? If you’re trying to get on the Dean’s List, then get yo bootay to class!

Party Girl:
If attendance isn’t required for this class, then I’d say you’re golden! I would still put in an appearance at least once a week to be safe, though. As long as you keep up on the reading, you’ll be fine! I’ve done this many times (even with classes that I later found out required attendance…my bad). It’s just so hard to tear yourself away from that twin XL bed some mornings and trudge your way to class while fighting off a vodka hangover. Just think of how relaxed you’ll be the night before this class when you think, “Hey, I don’t really have to get up early tomorrow if I don’t want to. I can definitely do seven more jello shots!” Just don’t be an idiot about it and make sure to do your reading. Oh, and show up for the exams. That’ll help. Good luck!

GPA Girl:
This isn’t really a question you can answer until you go to the class a couple of times to find out whether you need to be there or not. By all accounts, it SOUNDS as if it won’t matter if you go, but for all you know, the prof could be that type who enjoys torturing people who think they don’t need to show up to class (read: pop quizzes every week that add up to 25% of your grade). It’s true that the class is early and that’s annoying, but look at it another way. You don’t have another class until 2, so you can take that chunk of time after your early class is finished to take a nap or catch up on other work. If you instead use the time to sleep until noon, you probably won’t feel great emotionally or physically. I know getting up early isn’t easy, but it’s a healthy habit that is better to ease into sooner rather than later. Here’s one more thing to keep in mind–this class is a big part of your overall college education, which is hella expensive. Try taking the amount of your total yearly tuition and dividing it by the number of classes you have per year. That’s how much you’re paying for this class. Are you SURE you want to waste all that money?

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