We’ve All Been There: Waiting For Grades

"Are they up yet??"

Your stomach has been churning since you walked out of your last exam. You know the grades are curved, but you also know that leaving the last essay blank is not going to bode well on your overall score. You talked to your friends in the class and compared answers. You’ve flipped through your notes again and again. You’ve attempted to calculate your score in your head.

And now you just have to wait.

You pack your bags to head home. Then you check your grades online. Nothing.
You take a cab to the airport. Then you check your grades from your phone. Still nothing.
You check them again as soon as you land.
And again after you kiss your mom hello and drop your laundry in the laundry room.

Still nothing.

You know that there is no way the professor is going to get the tests graded in the next few days so you attempt to forget about it. You don’t want to think about grades anymore, anyway. You’re on break, the test is over and there’s nothing you can do about it now, dammit.

And then you sit down to dinner with your parents and before you can say “Pass the ketchup,” your dad turns to you and asks, “How did finals go?”

“I don’t want to talk about it right now, OK? My stupid professor isn’t going to post the grades for 2 weeks anyway and I did my best and there’s no changing it and that last question was so absurd. No one got it. I swear he never went over that thing once. And now I probably got a C in the class and my entire GPA is ruined. Why do you always have to nag??”

Your family goes silent.
Then someone changes the topic and you move on.

After dinner you check your grades again. Then again before bed. You wake up in the morning thinking about the test. You check your grades again. Still blank.

You try to keep busy – wrapping presents, watching TV, meeting up with home friends – but you still can’t stop thinking about it. You log in again and again. And are disappointed and stressed again and again.

Finally,  during your routine wake-up-and-check-your-grades-while-you’re-still-in-bed, you see it. That little space under to “final grade” has a number in it. A number way higher than you were expecting. You pump your fists. You do a little dance. You email everyone you know in the class to see how they did (but make sure to tone down the enthusiasm unless they bombed…). You run downstairs to find your parents.

Then, for the first time in weeks, you relax. Winter break and weeks free of studying, papers and exams can now officially begin…

Use Holiday Cheer to Reconnect With Family Over Break
Use Holiday Cheer to Reconnect With Family Over Break
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