The Rival Rundown: Boise State vs University of Idaho

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The Gem State may a lack major-league sports team, but the spirit of competition isn’t unfamiliar to Idahoans. This week, we shine the spotlight on two schools–Boise State and the University of Idaho–who embody the passions of Idaho sports fans!

Quick Facts

Boise State: Public research institution in Boise, Idaho with 17,000 undergraduates.
Idaho: Public research institution in Moscow, Idaho with 9,000 undergraduates.

1. Football Rivalry Record

Boise State: 21-17-1
Idaho: 17-21-1

Three credits to: Boise State

2. Bowl Series Schedule

Boise State: Watch Buster Bronco lead Boise State to this year’s Fiesta Bowl on January 4!
Idaho: Likewise, the U of I Vandals will be fighting for victory in the Humanitarian Bowl on December 30!

Three credits to: Boise State, whose Broncos led them to the more prestigious Fiesta Bowl.

3. Fun Facts

Boise State: Boise State is the only accredited university in the country to offer a master’s in Raptor Biology, a specified study of birds.
Want to be a lawyer in Idaho? U of I offers the only law school in the state!

Three credits toBoise State

4. Ass-Kicking Alumni

Boise State: Orlando Jordan (WWE wrestler), Dr. Robert Kustra (former Lt. Governor of Illinois, current Boise State President)
Idaho: Sarah Palin, Dan O’Brien (1996 Olympic Decathlon Champion)

Three credits to:   Idaho‘s alumni are going rogue and dreaming big!

5. Acceptance Rate Agony

Boise State: 86.2%

Three credits toIdaho

And the diploma goes to: Boise State! The city of Boise is the cultural and legal capital of Idaho, so it’s no wonder its university takes top honors.

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