It’s On: Christmas Crunch Time!

You may have to drop some elbows, but there's still time for some really good last minute gifts.

So it’s Christmas Eve, you just got home from school, and sometime between the TV marathons and the Facebook-stalking your BFFs on their tropical vacations, you realized you hadn’t done much Christmas shopping. And now it’s Christmas Eve and you still haven’t gotten those important people their gifts yet.

Uh oh.

Well, not to worry; It’s On has done your shopping  for you. I’ll tell you where you can still go today to get all of the holiday essentials. And don’t worry -I’m not sending you to CVS to pick up a box of chocolates and whatever other weird stuff they’re trying to sell by the checkout counter. There are some really legit stores staying open today for the lazy people of the world those busy last-minute shopppers.

Stick with me (and get ready to battle for some parking spots) and in the next few hours you’ll be home wrapping those special gifts for those special people.

In an effort to make things easier on everyone I’ve tried to identify 5 basic gifts – perfume, sweaters, hat/gloves/scarf set, bags, and entertainment – that people usually covet this time of year. And instead of my normal head to head match-ups, I’ve given you two stores per item that WILL BE OPEN today.

Oh and don’t forget to check out before you go; you may even still be able to snag some good deals today!

I know, I just saved your life.

This includes iPods, iPhone/iPod Accessories, CDs, Blu-Rays and other things that you can find for the movie/TV/music lover. If all else fails – and you find yourself staring at a wall of DVDs and have no clue which they’d want – a 3-month membership to Netflix is never a bad idea. And you don’t even need to leave the house to get it.

Best Buy
(Not always the cheapest store, but they do have plenty of good coupons on everything from digital cameras to DVDs right now!)

Game Stop
(You can grab a bunch of used games for cheap, new games, and some awesome gaming accessories. Like a new guitar for Guitar Hero. You know, so maybe your bro will let you play sometimes.)

People LOVE perfume. And the best thing about buying perfume this time of year is that they all come in some pretty sweet gift sets. You can break these up into lots of smaller gifts for people you don’t want to spend a lot on (!!), or give the whole shebang to those super important people in your life. If you want a good deal (without having to buy some nasty grandma scent from 6 years ago), Macy’s and Kohl’s are your best bet.



Most of the good stuff was picked over weeks ago, so you may not have much luck finding something cute with only a few hours until Santa hits the friendly skies. (The good news is, what’s left tends to be marked down a lot!) But if you wanna try, I recommend hitting up Target and Macy’s. If nothing else, at least you’ll have a large selection of other stuff to look through if they don’t have what you came for.



Hat/Gloves/Scarf Set
This is essential, cheap and comes in a bunch of varieties to fit every style.



The ULTIMATE multipurpose gift, sweaters can be found virtually everywhere, but, again, if you need quick, decently priced and before Christmas, there are two stores that will definitely have the best stock.

They have special hours in certain locations. I’d advise you calling your H&M of choice to find out specific hours.

American Eagle Outfitters
Again, call your store of choice to find when they close

The only other advice I can give you is to get moving early this morning. And wear comfortable shoes. Oh, and wear your seat belt. There is nothing more dangerous than a mall parking lot the day before Christmas. Nothing.

Until next year, Merry Christmas, Happy Holidays and Happy New Year!

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