The CC Weekly Weigh In: We Heart Winter Break

Winter break = endless hours of reading for pleasure. Pure bliss.

Woo! Winter break! No class! No studying! Just TV marathons, home cooked meals and snuggle time with the family pooch.

What’s not to love? OK, so sometimes the family can be a little much, but that’s a small price to pay for the heaps of free stuff you’ll be taking back to campus with you come January.

In honor of the best 2-4 weeks of the year I asked the CollegeCandy writers what they love most about Winter Break. What’s your favorite thing? Share it in the comments section below!

Alex K – Lakehead University: I just enjoy the time off! I work at my school and my school is closed so I have almost three solid weeks off. Once I get myself out of exam mode it is BLISS!

Cristina – Michigan State University:  I absolutely love hopping in my Jeep and blasting music and singing along while driving to the mall.  It’s so much better than my iPod walking to class.

Thu – USC: Seeing all of my friends again and creating new memories.

Erica – Kent State: My favorite thing?  The fact that at my parents house I don’t have to climb five flights of stairs to get to my room.

Caitlin – University of Alabama: I love not having to think about classes for a whole month! It’s nice to give my brain a break.

Brittany – University of St. Thomas: Oh Winter Break, how I love thee. From spending 60% of my time standing in front of a fully stocked refrigerator, and 40% of my time horizontal on my couch, how could I complain?

Lauren – University of Michigan: Well, it used to be the family vacations to tropical locations. Now it’s the mom/daughter trips to the mall. Mostly because my mom misses taking me shopping and tends to go a little overboard.

Sara C – Fordham: My favorite part of winter break is being able to wake up each morning with nothing to do but go for a run, make some hot cocoa, and read a good book! Damn, I wish someone would pay me to do this!

Meg – Penn State: As far as my favorite part of being home is definitely the homemade food and being able to drive!

Zahra- Northwestern University: My favorite thing about winter break is seeing all my friends from high school and realizing we’ve moved past the stupid drama!

Noa – CU Boulder: Hanging out with my family. And my high school friend with benefits. Just not at the same time.

Emmy – Loyola University Chicago: I love all the home baked cookies and my Grandma’s fudge! Best part!

Sarabeth – University of Texas: I’m not seeing my family for the holidays, so my favorite thing is being able to actually eat the christmas cookies I bake because my family isn’t around to steal them.

Charlsie – Hollins University: My favorite thing about Winter Break is sleeping in and not feeling guilty about it.

Kim – Stanford: My favorite thing about being home for the holidays is finally being 21 and drinking inappropriate amounts of alcohol at inappropriate times like a family friend’s Christmas party or right before the Christmas Eve church services.

Brithny- Duke: Finally getting off campus and traveling up north where there is actual wintery weather during the winter season (for the Southerners, I mean such things as snow and icicles and all that).

Katie – Michigan State University: My favorite thing is living essentially free! I don’t have to pay for food, rent, art supplies, drinks, or even gas. Ah, wonderful parents and grandparents 🙂

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