From CollegeFashion: Reinventing Retail Therapy

We’re all guilty of retail therapy. I know nothing makes me feel better when I’m down than a warm new cardigan, or a brand new party dress to boost my self-esteem. However, retail therapy can also go VERY wrong. When emotions are high, it’s all too easy to make impulse buys that will leave your closet full of regretful purchases and your wallet empty.

Retail therapy doesn’t have to turn into compulsive shopping! With a little rational thinking and some brainstorming, I’m here to show you how you can turn your frown upside down for under $50!

My Retail Therapy Recommendations:

1. Restyle your room!

When I’m really frustrated, sometimes the best way for me to let off some steam is to change up the atmosphere! Not only does moving furniture burn calories, but it is also therapeutic to declutter and maybe add some new accents to your room! Here are some really cute and inexpensive items that you can add to your room to help kick your retail therapy craving, as well as help you recreate your room! Even one new piece can really make a difference.

For the walls:

Product Information: Loop de Loop Lace Shelf- Urban Outfitters, Chalkboard- IKEA, Chloe Gauze Curtain – Urban Outfitters, Mirrored Leaves Wall Art- Bed, Bath, & Beyond, White Wash Clock- Bed, Bath, & Beyond

For Your Bed:

Product Information: Canyon Chenille Throw- Bed, Bath, & Beyond, Red Throw Pillows (set of two)- Target, Floating Poppy Pillow Shams- Urban Outfitters, Animal Print Throws- Bed, Bath, & Beyond, Asian-Inspired Pillows- Bed, Bath, & Beyond

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