Web Spy: 43 Things

Whoa. We are thisclose to New Year’s, and with each new year also comes the inevitable making of resolutions.  While resolutions are great ideas in theory (who can honestly say there’s nothing about themselves that they could possibly improve on?), most people (including me) have a hard time sticking to their new plan much past the first few weeks of January. Or even the first few hours.

The best tactic for keeping those resolutions alive is writing those resolutions down on a list; seeing them every day helps remind you what you’re working on. That is, until you “lose” that piece of paper, or just ignore it on your way to Dunkin Donuts for a super fatty Boston Creme.

Which is why everyone needs to check out 43 Things, a website that lets you create your own personal to-do list.  I’ve always made handwritten to do lists, but I love how 43 Things’ online version fits into the technology-centered lifestyle of our society.  Each time you set a new goal, you can choose to set a reminder as well for a specified amount of time (every day, a few months later, the following year, etc.), and 43 Things will send you an e-mail reminding you about the goal you’ve set.

It’s also a sort of online/blogging community, so you can see what kinds of goals other people are setting (to give yourself ideas), and you can cheer on others or offer them help on things you’ve already done–and you can get help on your goals in return.

Plus, now they offer an iPhone app as well, so you can keep your list with you at all times and track the progress you’ve made on accomplishing your goals.

With the help of 43 Things, maybe 2010 will be the year you’ll actually keep your resolutions! Good luck and Happy New Year!!

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