Would You Rather… Awkward Moments [POLL]

Wednesdays are rough. Yes, even if today is the last real day of the week and the next 48 hours will be spent in a constant cycle of drinking champagne from a bottle, dancing to Lady Gaga, eating waffles, and doing it all again. And again. In sequins.

Whether you’re furiously shopping online for the perfect shoes for your NYE outfit (Zappos has overnight shipping, right?!), or simply catching up on old episodes of How I Met Your Mother (while I sit here working…), it’s time to take a break and play a little game of “Would You Rather?” Because there is no better way to round out 2009 than by pondering life’s strangest situations.

So think long and hard, choose your answer and give us the deets in the comments section below!

Would you rather do the walk of shame past your professor in a sexy cop costume when last night wasn’t Halloween OR accidentally sext your dad?

This one’s a toughie. Let’s get to it…

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