Coupled. New Year’s Resolutions

I’m a resolution maker. I think January 1 is a great time to stop, think about the things you want to do better for yourself, and start the improvement process. And while I’ve set a few for myself this year (thanks to that post-holiday trip to the scale), what I’m most excited for are the resolutions I’ve set for my relationship.

Matt and I have made it through our first whole calendar year together and we have a lot to look back on and think about. Seeing where we went wrong and discussing what we can do to make it better in the new year can help our relationship (pssst. this can help yours, too!) become strong and help us become more aware of each other. Now that we both know each other better than anyone else in this world, we should have a better sense of what we should and can do to make our relationship even better.

So here are just a few little things I will be working on in my relationship in 2010. No relationship is perfect – perhaps a few of these will help you and yours.

1. I will fight fair. This means no name calling, low blows, or bringing up old history

2 I will make him know that he is appreciated and needed. Every guy needs this, yet most women have a hard time showing it.

3 I won’t assume. Just because he doesn’t want to cuddle before we go to bed doesn’t mean he doesn’t love me anymore. No more jumping to conclusions

4 I won’t use sex as a weapon. This is just unfair. And bitchy. As tempting as it may be.

5 I will share the remote. If I make Matt sit through Project Runway, it won’t kill me to watch NCAA basketball.

Take some time and think about some changes you want to see with your boyfriend/girlfriend. You can set your own resolutions (“I will not yell at him when he wants to watch football all day”), or set resolutions together (“We will have date night at least one night every week”). If you make some resolutions that you each can hold each other to, it can seriously take pressure off of the relationship. Just be sure to share your resolutions and make sure they’re actually helpful. You’re not going to get anywhere if you have “throw out his Playboys while he’s in class.”

Also, if you or your boyfriend breaks a resolution and falls back into old habits, don’t immediately fly off the handle! Starting fresh with resolutions should also be paired with starting fresh if one of you makes a mistake. Always try your hardest to forgive.

So what are your relationship resolutions?

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