New Year’s Eve Isn’t All About The Kiss

You don't need a New Year's lovaaah to have a good (good) night.

New Year’s Eve has always been one of my favorite holidays… in theory.  It’s so fun to anticipate New Year’s Eve – the magic of new beginnings, the parties, the glamor, and that impossible-to-ignore countdown to the New Year’s kiss.

To be honest, I have no idea who I’ll be smooching during the first second of 2010, and frankly I find the hype surrounding the whole thing kind of strange. And annoying.  NYE is so awesome in so many ways; the kiss shouldn’t make or break your night!   So, if you’re like me and you have no idea where your lips will be come 12:00 AM on January 1 (or if you know for a fact they’ll be firmly attached to a glass of bubbly), pump yourself up with the equally amazing or even better aspects of our final night of 2009.

1. Champagne.
Maybe I look like a crazy person (or a boozehound) for putting this first, but I LOVE champagne.  Champagne is and always has been my drink of choice, but at college parties it isn’t always as free flowing as other (inferior) forms of liquid courage.  A huge reason I love NYE so much is because everyone is ALL about the champagne. And what’s not to love? The bubbles, the nice stemware that isn’t red or plastic and the fun of opening it (or getting that cute guy to open it for you!) are all parts of the joy of NYE’s signature drink.

2. The Clothes
My friends joke that I’m a magpie because I’m instantly drawn to everything with glitter or sequins, which pretty much only works out on this one night of the year. NYE is all about the glitz and the glam and I love nothing more than slipping into something unapologetically shiny for the big night. Who needs a kiss when you’re shakin’ your groove thang in this?

3. New Year’s Resolutions
I’m not big on traditional NY resolutions because they usually involve being too hard on yourself for a bad habit that’s usually not so bad.  But I do love the idea of new beginnings and setting up more fun resolutions for the upcoming year. For example, setting a resolution to take at least one picture every day to remember 2010 better, writing down one thing that makes me happy every day of the year, or starting new traditions with my friends.  You get the idea. New Year’s resolutions don’t have to be dreadful – they are just a good way to start up something fresh and fabulous.

4. The Big Ball Drop
Being from California and hating the cold, I’ve never actually been to Times Square on the big night – but just look at it.  See #2. It’s shiny. And beautiful. Swoon.

5. Parties with your friends
New Years Eve is great because it’s one of those holidays that people just don’t miss out on. Everyone gets out and finds something to do, whether the party is at a big club or in someone’s parents’ basement.  NYE is a reason to congregate with tons of people you love and celebrate. And who doesn’t love that?

See? There’s so much to love about NYE, so stop stressing the big New Year’s smooch. Just honor the fact that you’re starting off another awesome year surrounded by the people (and bubbly beverages) who make you inexplicably happy.

What do you love most about New Year’s Eve?

New Year’s Resolutions For The College Girl
New Year’s Resolutions For The College Girl
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