New Year’s Resolutions For The College Girl

Resolutions have never been my forte. The promise of a new year and a better me just isn’t enough to keep me from binge drinking and blowing off the gym every now and again in order to watch a full day’s worth of TBS. What can I say? Resolve just isn’t one of my stronger qualities.

But I think the real trouble with New Year’s resolutions is that I always make one, grand, swooping promise to myself. Let’s get real; swearing off carbohydrates just isn’t feasible. I must have been a full bottle of champagne deep when I came up with that one. I think the best way to go about this whole “new year, new you” idea is to come up with a few smaller resolutions that will keep you in line but won’t have you binge eating bread at the dining hall two weeks later.

Want to make some improvements to your already rockin’ life in 2010? Here are a few suggestions to help you be all you can be in 2010:

5. “I will go to class and stay awake.” Temptation to stay in bed is great in the winter months. There are few things I dislike more than walking to my 8:15 a.m. class in the bitter cold. But a girl’s gotta do what a girl’s gotta do. You’d be surprised how much information you absorb just by physically being in the classroom. Next year we can work our way up to actually participating. Baby steps, ladies. Baby steps.

4. “I will become more involved on campus.” I know it’s hard when you have a steady schedule of class, food, booze and sleep, but you’d be surprised how much your quality of life will improve once you put yourself out there. Joining a group is a great way to make new friends, build up your resume and become a generally more productive student on campus. And besides, you never know who you might meet (wink, wink.)

3. “I will remove Papa John’s from my phonebook.” This is my favorite resolution. You know it’s gotten bad when you say to your roommate, “I’m so excited to go out tonight just so we can come home and order pizza and breadsticks.” Swearing off 2 a.m. food runs will be hard, but it’s not impossible. And it’s one step in the right direction to a healthier you!

2. “I will swear off one-night stands.” It happens to the best of us. I understand, I really do. We all confuse “Mr. Right” with “Mr. Right Now and Maybe Again in the Morning” sometimes. But think of all of the things you can avoid if you succeed in this resolution. No more Walks of Shame, no more awkward run-ins at D-hall brunch the next morning and no more regret. What’s more promising than a year without regret?

1. “I will realize that shotgunning beer is not a marketable skill.” Your parents may tell you this all the time, but there IS life after college. It may seem like one big party now, but being the beer pong champion will only take you so far in life before you realize you’re a broke post-grad looking down the barrel of unemployment. That sad and unfortunate image alone should be enough to inspire you to start your summer internship research now! The opportunities you make for yourself in 2010 will make graduation day and the years to follow just a little less daunting.

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