The Best Products of 2009

I am a huge sucker for, well, lack of a better word, stuff. I’m not A&E “Hoarders” bad, but I love to shop and I love fun, innovative products, even if they don’t really benefit me in any way. Neti Pot anyone?

2009 was a great year for awesome products; God knows everyone had to be creative this year and recession-proof any product launch. But which products were best?

Here’s a rundown of the best stuff we got to call our own in 2009. If we were lucky. And if not, fingers crossed the prices will drop on this ish in 2010!

Now available in leopard! If there was any kind of product phenomenon last year it was definitely the Snuggie. I sadly did not get one and I immediately turned Christmas-tree green with envy when I saw anyone’s status onFacebook reading “Just got a zebra print Snuggie from Grandma!” A blanket, with sleeves? If that’s not bringing brilliance, laziness and amazingness to a whole new level, well, I’m just not sure how it could be anymore American. Oh yes it can. Because now? You can get a Snuggie for your pooch! My Yorkie is totally getting hooked up for her birthday.

The iPhone 3GS

iPhone upgraded, and it was good. Video functions, voice recognition and a whole slew of apps that could pair with your trendy phone made 2009 the year of the smart phone. If you aren’t into it (or actually have decent phone service and use Verizon), you’ve got the new Blackberry or the Droid to keep you constantly updated.

Okay, is Twitter a product? Debatable, I suppose. 2009 was truly the year of the tweet. It brought celebrities, companies and information in the form of 140 characters to our fingertips. I mean, seriously, I can’t even imagine my life without knowing how Rachel Zoe is spending her vacation at all times.

The Flip
A teeny little camcorder, smaller than your cell, that records over 60 minutes of footage? Perfect for those mornings when you just can’t exactly remember what you did (or where you left your heels) last night.

Marc Jacobs Bruna Bag
In PURPLE? If heaven was a handbag, this would be it. If you can’t afford the splurge (I know I can’t), Marc by Marc Jacobs also released some of the hottest bags of the year.

Barbie Escalade
If only I was 5 again. Power Wheels with serious attitude.

Who do you turn to when you’re alone, lost and scared on a weeknight? Everything on TV is terrible, Jersey Shore is a repeat or Snooki just isn’t delivering that night. Your DVD collection has lost it’s luster, including every episode of Arrested Development that you’ve watched at least 19 times. Well, there’s something that can help. Hulu! Where else can you catch up on SNL clips (because, really, why bother watching the entire show anymore), particularly “What Up With That” featuring Kenan, or entire episodes of “Always Sunny” that your DVR managed to accidentally eat? And did I mention the mminimal commercial interruptions and the luxury of watching it wherever your laptop goes and WiFi exists (like in your lecture hall)? I heart you Hulu, don’t ever change. Or charge.

What were your faves of ’09?

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