The Doctor Is In: Be Your Best Self in 2010

2010 is here. What do you hope to achieve this year? What intentions will you set?  For many of us, we resolve to change our health- to lose weight, to quit smoking, to eat healthy, to cut back on booze, to join a gym. We get motivated. We make positive steps forward after the indulgences of the holidays. And then – bam! – a few weeks later, it’s all over and we feel crappier than ever. Now, not only are we eating junk food, failing to exercise, and engaging in addictive behaviors, we also feel like losers because we can’t follow through on our resolutions.

This year, I invite you to OWN your health. What does that mean? That means loving yourself exactly how you are – flaws, warts, addictions, and all. Until you can love yourself, you’ll never affect lasting positive change in your life.  If you have bad habits, own it! Love your body just the way it is. Accept yourself, even if your health is not optimized. Learn to live in your skin and be present with what is. It’s the only path to sustainable change.

Once you learn to love yourself as you are, you may find that you naturally want to nurture yourself. When you’re coming from a place of loving acceptance, you may no longer feel like grabbing for that bag of potato chips. You’re more likely to feed a body you cherish fresh, organic fruits and vegetables. When you love yourself- curves, lumps and all- you may find that you naturally morph into your ideal body weight.  When you feel comfortable in your skin, you’ll relish moving your body- doing yoga, going for a hike in nature, jogging on the beach.

From this place of self-love and acceptance, radical change can happen. And you don’t need to resolve anything. You will want to do it. Your body will know what it needs to be healthy. But in case you’re searching for some inspiration, here are some thoughts.

5 Tips For Owning & Improving Your Health in 2010

1. Buy a juicer and start making green juice. Do a detoxify cleanse or add it as a supplement to your diet. By nourishing your body, you allow it to heal whatever ails you. Even if you’re already very healthy, adding green juice to your body can change your life by improving energy, mood, immune function, and confidence.  You may even help your body fight cancer. So love yourself enough to feed it well.

2. Get moving. Get up and move at least 20 minutes each day. If that feels good, rev it up. Love yourself enough to get your body moving. The health benefits are endless.

3. Be still. Most of us run around like chickens with our heads cut off, which leads to overwhelming levels of stress. Let your nervous system rest by spending some time in stillness. Try meditating, listening to guided imagery, sitting outside in nature, or taking a nap. Love your body enough to let it rest.

4. Take a multi-vitamin and talk to your doctor about preventative supplements that might benefit you, such as fish oil and calcium. Love your body enough to optimize your preventative medicine.

5. Listen to the wisdom of your body. Our bodies send us messages about what we can do to improve our health- and we tend to ignore what we don’t wish to hear. Love yourself enough to listen.

These are just some suggestions. But don’t let anyone else’s suggestions guide your path. Make a commitment to cherishing your beautiful, magnificent, sexy, healthy, radiant self. Then watch what happens. You may be surprised that 2010 is YOUR year- and all your dreams will come true.

Wishing you health and peace in 2010,
Dr. Lissa

– Dr. Lissa Rankin’s book, What’s Up Down There? Questions You’d Only Ask Your Gynecologist If She Was Your Best Friend, will be published by St. Martin’s Press in Fall 2010. She invites you to join her Pink online community ( or read more of her writing at Owning Pink (

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