The Weekly Ten: My New Year’s Resolution List

#8: Stop spending money on Grey Goose.

You can always count on a few things Monday morning: irritation when you wake up, hitting the snooze button a million times, general crankiness wherever you turn, Regis and Kelly, and, most importantly, my Weekly Ten.

This week, after a particularly grueling New Year’s Eve spent with 25 people in one tiny house with one tiny bathroom in New England, I had time (a lot) to reflect on my resolutions (and my hangover) on the train ride back to NYC. I pondered 2010 and my resolutions between pages of Jen Lancaster’s memoirs and occasionally badgering the BF to go fetch me red wine from the bar car on the Amtrak. Studying for the CPA cannot be fun when you’re sitting next to me. Especially when I try and guess all the answers. And I am the furthest thing from an accountant in the world. Maybe even the universe.

Anyway, back on track. Resolutions. We’ve all got them. Let’s see if yours match up with mine at all. Maybe you’ll even get a few ideas for your resolution list.

10. Be kinder to strangers
Particularly difficult when in a bar and weirdos, cough, I mean, “potential new friends” try and strike up conversation. This means I probably shouldn’t shriek, “TERMINATED” at people and storm off when I don’t feel like talking to them anymore, even if said person has a Finding Nemo tattoo. On their neck.

9. Eat healthier.
I’m doing this thing where I eat exactly HALF of what I would normally eat. It counts as half if I eat one pack of Reese’s cups instead of two, no?

8. Stop spending frivolously.
This should be a good one on my vacation to Vegas next week. Blackjack isn’t considered frivolous if you’re winning.

7. Study harder
Actually purchase necessary textbooks this semester instead of Cliff’s Notes. Also, may not want to consider hours logged into Facebook as study time. Same goes to watching episodes of “Tabatha’s Salon Takeover” with a blank notebook in front of me.

6. Be more gracious
Screaming “HAHA! In your FACE! Oh my GOD, I KILLED you! Embarrassing! Wow. How did you survive in college with skills like that?! And by a GIRL too. Whoa dude, I’m not even that good. DAAAAAMN!” in my boyfriend’s face when I beat him in Super Smash is not a good call. And is exactly how I spent my morning January 1st. I did make it up to him later by giving him some Dunkin Donuts, though. (See Resolution #9.)

5. Educate self on important issues of the world
If I deem myself the unofficial “President of ‘Is she pregnant or not: Khloe Kardashian Edition’ Club,” that counts, right?

4. Organize and clean more
Just threw brand new Michael Kors winter jacket on ground because it was bothering me sprawled out on my bed. Literally two seconds after I wrote this. I’ll get to this one tomorrow. Or the cleaning lady will. My roommate hired her before I moved in, people!

3. Keep in touch with long distance friends

2. Spend less time on Facebook
Considering the new willy-nilly (ew, remind me to never use that term ever again) privacy settings, this might be a little tricky. I mean, come ON. Who doesn’t love creeping on profile pictures of people you would never actually stoop to friending?

1. Go to the gym more frequently
This will be great, considering my dad’s main Christmas present to me was a gym membership to NYSC. Now I just need to buy all new work-out clothes from Lululemon.

See Resolution #8.

2010 is going to be a rough year for me.

Better of Best of Overheard, 2009
Better of Best of Overheard, 2009
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