8 Under $20: The Gap

If my dry skin and red nose tell me anything it’s that the brutally cold months of winter are here. (Or that I should really invest in some moisturizer.) And they aren’t going anywhere anytime soon. If you’re one of the many unlucky souls trudging through the arctic tundra to get anywhere, good luck. Better start layering now, because it’s gonna take awhile.

Luckily, The Gap has come to the rescue with some majorly cute layering pieces (that are all on the cheap!)  that can take your winter from holy-hell-I-can’t-feel-my-limbs to OMG-it’s-really-cold-but-yay!-I-still-look-cute. Because no matter how hard those snowflakes are whipping us in the face, we still deserve to look good. For cheap. There are far more important things to spend our money on, like extra hot lattes from The Bux.

Just because you have to bundle up to ward off those freezing cold temperatures doesn’t mean you have to look big and bulky. This sweater is extra warm, but also totally cute. Pair it with a bright scarf for extra heat and fabulosity.

It may be cold outside, but you know it’s gonna be a sweat-box in that party. You’re going to need something light and cute, and this ruffle tank is just right. The color will have you standing out amongst the sea of black and gray, and the scoop neck adds a hint of sex appeal. Pair with some skinny jeans and booties (and a heavy coat) and you’re ready to shake your groove thang.

Not only would this tee look totally divine under your boyfriend blazer/cardigan, but it’s Product Red! You can look damn good and feel good about doing some good. It’s that good.

Yes, that’s right – a good go-to pair of jeans for $19.99. And the bootcut is just perfect to slide over those Uggs or Sorels for your cold, wet trek to class.

Winter is all about layering, so why not layer with something cute and sexy? This long-sleever is from the Gap’s favorites collection, meaning it’s super soft and will fit like a glove. And that deep v-neck? Who says you can’t show a little skin during the winter months?

A basic long sleeve shirt? Not so much with that adorable detailing on the sleeve. Let those sleeves down when the wind is whipping you, then roll that ish back up when you’re back indoors and starting to sweat.

Who knew Gap did accessories so well? This satin braided bracelet can dress up any outfit, or you can pair it with some gold bangles to add a bit of classic-meets-rock-star to your look.

This bright and beautiful scarf can do some serious double duty this season: wear it outside to keep that neck warm, then keep it on inside to jazz up whatever you’re layering underneath. Sigh. It’s just so pretty.

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