Would You Rather… Fashion Dreams [POLL]

Hello, Wednesday. I have quite the love/hate relationship with you. Obviously, I love that you’re in the middle of the week and that many dub you “Hump Day.” But you’re still just the middle of the week – there are still two more long days to go – and no matter what people call you, I haven’t found anyone to celebrate Hump Day with.

There’s only one thing that can make this any better (without costing you a bundle of money or a days worth of calories)  and that’s a great big game of “Would You Rather?” Because there is no better way to pass time in that ridonkulous 2-hour class than by pondering life’s most preposterous situations.

So think long and hard, choose your answer and give us the deets in the comments section below, K? K.

Would you rather choose 20 items from your favorite fashion icon’s wardrobe to have for free OR have your favorite designer make five pieces just for you?

So much couture, so little time. Hmmmm.

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Get Your DVRs Ready – TV is Back!
Get Your DVRs Ready – TV is Back!
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