Sexy Time: Don’t Worry, Your G-spot Still Exists

It's in there - don't worry.

As you may recall, we recently reported on a study conducted by British scientists that suggested the g-spot may not actually exist. As a woman who knows and loves my g-spot (a lot a lot), I was skeptical about the study. And it appears I wasn’t the only one.

The study found that “while 56% of women overall claimed to have a g-spot, they tended to be younger and more sexually active.” OK, the majority of women believe they have a g-spot, especially young, sexually active women, so where did the study get the idea that it doesn’t exist?

The researchers concluded that the g-spot was a matter of subjective opinion because when they asked pairs of twins whether or not they had a g-spot, identical twins were no more likely to both have a g-spot than fraternal. Now, twin studies are often used to examine heritability of certain traits – and that usually makes sense – but I just don’t buy it for this study. We’re talking about orgasms here, not diabetes. Women who share the same genes can still have incredibly different life experiences and sexual partners. And we can’t assume a woman doesn’t have a g-spot just because she doesn’t think she does. I didn’t think I had one until I found mine!

I did some further research and found a study that claimed to prove the existance of the g-spot. In 2008, doctors at the University of L’Aquila in Italy “used ultrasound to scan nine women who had experienced vaginal orgasms and 11 women who said they had not. In the first group of women, the tissue between the vagina and the urethra was found to be substantially thicker than in the other women.” This definitely sounds a lot more promising for the case of the g-spot – probably because actual science was involved and it wasn’t a subjective questionnaire – but the numbers are small. Other researchers have also questioned whether the spot found in the study is a distinct structure or just the internal part of the clitoris.

So is there a scientifically proven g-spot or not?

If there’s one thing to be learned from all these studies it’s that all women are different and it doesn’t really matter what science tells us.  Whether you’re having vaginal or clitoral orgasms, or both, just be happy to have an orgasm at all. Because whatever science says, we can all agree that all orgasms rock.

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