Weekly Wrap Up: 2010 Makes Me Tired

Whew. We have all officially survived the first week of 2010. And if the rest of the year is going to be anything like the past 8 days, I think I’m in for some serious trouble. After a whirlwind New Year’s weekend chock full of drinking, celebrating, and more drinking, it took me until yesterday (true story) to get back to normal. I was so tired and out of it all week that I already blew through my Caribou Coffee gift card that I got for Hanukkah. (You try and resist their new chocolate mochas!)


But now it’s Friday and I’ve got nothing to do except sleep, watch Jersey Shore reruns and dance to the best of ’09 jams in my apartment all weekend long. But first, let’s take a look back on the week that was:

– Obviously, we dealt with the billions of (annoying) people shoving their resolutions down our throats.

– We jumped for joy at the return of our favorite TV shows and our BFFs from the Babysitter’s Club.

– We questioned the existence of our G-spot, then realized (during a particularly wonderful late night tryst, perhaps?) that it is most definitely still there.

– We learned how badly our snacking habits and H&M are affecting Mother Earth.

– We figured out how to effectively ruin a relationship and questioned the rules that govern one.

– We defended breast implants.

– We learned how to be our best selves in 2010 (after the first week, of course).

– We started saving money so we could afford to fist pump with our favorite MTV Guidos.

It’s no wonder I’m sitting here chugging coffee like it’s my job; we had quite the busy week.

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