Wardrobe Wish List: Shopbop Custom Denim Studded Skinny Jean

Some of us are extremely frugal – we buy new clothes once a year and never let window displays tempt us into spending our food allowance on a new pair of heels. The rest of us set find ourselves failing miserably year after year as we break our news year’s resolution of spending less money as a sale induced coma ends in yet another mini shopping spree.

Whether you only buy the necessities or find any and every excuse to purchase a new outfit (Friend’s birthday? Job interview? Your favorite idol contestant moved on to Hollywood?), there is one staple we can all agree is essential to a complete wardrobe: jeans.

And while we all have our favorite pair that are fraying at the bottom and growing holes in the crotch (thank you, thighs that rub together!), it’s inevitable that there is a growing stack of denim in the bottom of our closet.

We might not be able to explain our denim obsession, but it is completely necessary to have jeans in a variety of colors, washes and cuts. You have to have your skinny jeans to tuck into boots, your boot-cut to wear with your converse and cropped for flip flops in warmer months. Not to mention the dark wash for a dressier vibe and the distressed for casual ensembles

So its no surprise that what I am totally craving right now is, you guessed it, a new pair of jeans. The style I must add to the pile? A pair of embellished skinnys.

Embellishment is popping up everywhere this season; it’s dressing up t-shirts, pea coats and motorcycle boots. And now I must have it on my thighs. The perfect pair? Shopbop’s Custom Denim Skinny Jean with Studs by Earnest Sewn.

They are black denim, which instantly makes them nightlife appropriate (and different from any other jean I have in my closet). And the studs running down the right leg add a dose of tough sophistication. Pull them on with a white tank and a leather jacket for an effortless bad girl vibe, or balance the modern studs with romantic accessories like a floral scarf and delicate jewelry.

Of course these jeans will now be my go-to staple for a night-out ensemble, but they can also be toned down and worn to class (with an embellished floral tank, long cardigan and flats).

When I save up enough cash, I’ll be rockin’ these bad boys all over campus. Yeah, it may take awhile considering the steep price tag, but when I think about all the different ways I can wear them (and how hot I’ll look doin’ it), it’s a price I’m ready to pay.

College Q&A: Save Me Some Money
College Q&A: Save Me Some Money
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