Life After College: Visiting The Fam

Fact: It's not easy working from home.

I made the terrible mistake of going home to Florida this past week to spend time with my family, see my mom’s new puppy, and get a tan. I’ve never been paler and that even includes the time that I played the Ghost of Christmas Past in a school play. Obvi, the trip was a great idea…in theory. However, things went horribly wrong from the start.

Apparently God wants people to call me Casper because Florida had record-breaking cold weather while I was home. And, of course, I packed for home like an Alaskan tourist going to Disney World for the first time. My suitcase contained 6 pairs of shorts, 3 crop tops, and 1 coconut bra. I had to dig through my high school clothing collection at home to find weather-suitable outfits. So basically I wore a soccer uniform around the city for a week. Thankfully I played the bench position so the uniform looked just like new.

Not only was I freezing the whole break, but I got little to no work done. I was all “woohoo I’m a blogger, I can work from anywhere, I’ll work from a raft in the pool” before I left NYC. It sounds great in theory. It’s impossible in reality. There was no way for me to focus on my work when my sister was watching Wife Swap on repeat and the puppy was using my laptop as a chew toy. I ended one day in true TV stay-at-home mom sitcom fashion: I yelled at my sister for making the sink a mess, yelled at the dog for eating dinner off the stove, yelled at my fat husband for pulling off crazy hijinks, and cried out of frustration.

Unfortunately, “emotional breakdown” isn’t really a legitimate excuse for not getting work done. (But if anyone knows a job where that is okay, please contact me ASAP.) I had to lock myself in my room (flashback to teenage angst) and force myself to finish my work. Or start it.  After all, I can’t afford to take a week off now that I’ll have to spend half my savings account on spray tans.

I’m packing up now to go back to NYC where apparently everyday people are turning into icicles by simply walking outside. I miraculously managed to stuff enough food for 3 weeks into my suitcase and get 23% of my work done, so all I have left to do now is put on my sexiest outfit for airport security.

Those guys work hard; I want them to get the most out of their national security/inappropriate groping.

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