It’s On: TOTE-tally Fab Edition

This week, in honor of heavy books, stuffed make-up bags and bulky laptops, I’ve decided to dedicate It’s On to tote bags.

Every girl’s tote needs are totally (tee hee) different. Some of us carry body-bag size totes, while others prefer something a bit more…manageable. Some bring along a purse and a tote. Some of us carry only a tote, and fill it with everything from makeup to Macbooks. With such a variety of uses, there is obviously a giant variety of toting options. And while you could go buy a Coach tote for anywhere between $500 to $900, there are plenty of places where you can get equally cute totes for a cute price.

And you don’t even have to leave the house or jump from store to store. Or run around town comparing prices. Someone else does all the work for you; all you have to do is point and click. Allow me to let you in on a few secrets. My shopping pot-o-gold, if you will. Use wisely.

Shopstyle is essentially an online shopping mall. They run live feeds and update hourly with competitive pricing from stores like Nordstrom, Juicy, American Eagle and even other online sopping stores like Zappos and Ebags. It’s amazing.

If you’re looking for tote bags, then, you hop onto shopstyle, type in “tote” and – voila! – you’re staring at tons of different totes, in thousands of different colors, by millions of designers. Most importantly, though, you have competitive pricing. Just scroll through your many options (don’t worry – you can filter by size, designer, color, etc.) until find that perfect tote bag, whether it’s a Ralph Lauren Canvas Tote for $89.99 (perfect for sliding your Mac in with a few small books or a make-up bag) or a Marc by Marc Jacobs Graphic Birds Tote for $228 (more fashionable than practical, but who doesn’t love Marc?).

You can navigate your way around the site and find the perfect tote to start off the new semester all in time for those wonderfully priced, totally necessary school books.

But while ShopStyle has a large selection, it’s not the only site out there of its kind.
The competition?

Glimpse offers a very large selection of styles and brands, but most importantly, they offer a much larger price variety than other sites. Instead of merely directing shoppers to Nordstrom, Bloomingdales and Ralph Lauren (like ShopStyle), Glimpse works with other web-shopping sites and mega stores, like Target and Forever 21. That means that everyone – from the girl looking for something under $20 (most fairly priced bags start at $19!) to the girl with $500 to blow – can find what they’re looking for in one easy-to-navigate place.

And the more moderately priced stuff is not cheap, reusable shopping bags. This is good stuff. I just found a Betsey Johnson Eco Tote in Green Poppin on the site for only $19.95! And then I found a Stephane Verdino Extra-Large Patent Tote for $775 (from Saks). Hey, if you got it like that, you can have whatever you like.

So… Which site is better?

What I love most about these two websites is how they allow you customize your search right down to the maximum you want to spend. You can select the brand, the store, the size, the color, the shape, everything. I love it.

And best of all, you can use these sites for all your shopping needs: shoes, totes, jeans, sweaters, tunics, accessories, and even guy stuff! Sites like this have totally revolutionized shopping and made it simple for all of us to see a wide selection at the best price. Without having to go anywhere!

Honestly, I’d recommend using either. Or both.
What? A girl can never shop too much.

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