Project Runway Season 7 Live-blog

We’ve already made our pick for this season’s winner (and token ferosh gay guy, obvi), and now it’s time to find out if either of them will even make it past the first auf Wiedersehen.

Yes, my friends, it’s finally time for Project Runway Season 7 to start!

While Project Runway’s first season on Lifetime was a bit of a bust, big changes were made to bring season 7 back to its former Bravo glory. The competition has left sunny L.A. and returned to its home at Parson’s in New York. And, thank god, Nina and Michael will return as permanent fixtures on the judging panel, as opposed to their less than consistent visits last season.

Having the team back together in addition to some pretty stiff competitors means that this season of Project Runway might just be as fierce as season 5, which produced none other than everyone’s favorite petite-designer (and hot tranny mess), Christian Siriano.

So, yes, I am more than excited to get this season started. I’ve got my fresh-baked brownies in my lap and my best friend by my side. As the beautiful Heidi Klum would say, let’s start the show!

10 PM: Yay! Welcome back to NYC. Janeane is already putting me to sleep. Snoozefest.

10:01: Wait, we’re one minute in and Janeane already started crying??

10:02: I think I’m in love with Anthony. “I don’t really care for Miss America.” This fag-hag is one happy camper.

10:03: OMG Jesse’s fulltime job is playing Pirate Jack Sparrow? I need him in my life. Apparently Jonathan does, too; they were totes flirting it up.

10:05: Totally misread Amy. She’s def not the bitch; she’s got some serious talent!

10:06: Why does Heidi look hotter and skinner than me when she’s PREGNANT? Girlfriend looks gooood in leopard.

10:07: Janeane – seriously, girl – I know it’s your first time in NY, but can you just try and act a little less small-town-girl-in-a-big-city? It’s not becoming.

10:09: FIRST CHALLENGE!! Designers have to race, elbow and fight for fabric to design whatever defines them as stylists. There’s nothing like watching drama queens fight for prints. At least they didn’t make them run a couple hundred yards like Season 4 when big Chris got stuck with the ugly stuff cuz he couldn’t move fast enough.

10:16: Hellloooo, HP product placement! Although, those computers are pretty sweet. I guess it’s better than the Macy’s accessory wall, the Garnier hair salon and Loreal makup room.

10:17: Why must the models always look like they haven’t eaten a carb since the 20th century?

10:20: Is Ping making a Snuggie with a matching swim cap?

10:21: Shocking, Janeane is making a boring, little black dress. And Tim doesn’t like it. And she’s crying again.

10:23: Did Tim choose his tie to match the workroom walls? Not that I’m surprised; that Tim is always thinking about the deets.

10:24: Jeaneane Cry Count: 4 times. 24 minutes (and that’s including a commercial break). Get it together, girl!

10:30: Jesus has cursed himself with confidence. Whenever designers say they are gonna be in the top three, they end up getting skewered by Michael Kors witticisms. Way to go, Jesus!

10:32: “Designers! 5 minuuuuutes.” How does Tim have that voice? I just don’t understand it. I can’t look at him and not think about Santino and Andre. “Andreeee, why do you have to embarrass me in front of my co-workers at the Red Lobsterrrr?”

10:36: Is it just me, or did that Chef Boyardee commercial look sorta good? God, I feel stoned right now.

10:38: Nicole Richie is a judge! Damn, she looks so much better with dark hair.

10:40: Why is everything ugly? Jay’s dress looks like the girl needs to do a little trimming downtown, Ping’s dress was….er…what the hell was that? Mila’s dress just walked out of Ann Taylor. At least Amy and Anthony can design. Their stuff was the only stuff that stood out.

10:44: I’m LOVING Anthony’s dress. Why are the designers being so mean? And why does it look like Nicole Richie hasn’t slept in weeks? Clearly something’s wrong with her since she loves that plaid, “punk rock” mess by Seth Aaron. It looks like it belongs at Hot Topic.

10:45: WTF is Ping saying? And why do all the designers like it? What? Nicole Richie claims she’d wear that? NICOLE RICHIE WOULD NOT WEAR THAT THING! What the hell is going on here?

10:50: Seriously, are these judges on drugs? How on earth does anyone think that Ping’s harem-panted-snuggie was one of the best designs of the night? What about Amy’s design? Hell, even Janeane created something more appealing than that mess. I feel like I’m in an alternate universe.

10:56: Wait, really? Emilio won? And Christiane lost?! Seriously, what is happening here? Do I suddenly have terrible taste in fashion, or are you confused too?

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