Who’s Who on Project Runway, Season 7?

Project Runway Season 7 kicks off tonight!

Along with our usual faves – Heidi, Tim, Michael and Nina – we’re getting a whole new batch of designers to cut, stitch and bitch their way to the top. But while the 16 designers are all fresh faces, I know that many of them will fill the typical roles of contestants in season’s past. (Except Christian – there will never be another Christian.) From the fabulously fierce gay guy, to the token wet blanket, the types of designers to grace the (Project) runway are alway the same.

So who’s who in season 7? I don’t know much about these fashionistas, but I do like judging people based on how they look so I decided to check out the latest batch of designers and try to figure them out based on their pictures and pictures alone.

The Bitch

Amy Sarabi

Maybe it’s that “I just ate a sour pickle” face she’s sporting, or the hand-on-hip-sideways-bitch-stance, but this girl has Workroom Bitch written all over her.

The Fabulous Gay Guy

Ben Chmura

Sure, the quasi-military haircut is throwing off my Gaydar a bit, but there’s just something fierce about a man in a sleeveless, vibrant, red, and collared tank. I’m loving this guy already.

The Weirdo

Mila Hermanovski

She may not be weird herself, but something about that severe haircut, the red lips and the way she’s penetrating deep into my soul with those dark set eyes that just makes me see some strange, avante garde designs in her future.

The Token Straight Guy

Seth Aaron Henderson

Would any gay man take a picture for Project Runway with hair looking that greasy? We think not. This guy is straight and he’s going to make sure everyone knows it. In every interview. As long as he may last.

The Overly Dramatic Cryer

Jesus Estrada

Did the cameraman already catch Jesus mid-meltdown? He looks about a nano-second away from the waterworks, and I have a feeling we’ll catch this little man leaving his trail of tears up and down the runway.

“Who Let This Guy On?”

Ben Chmura

Honestly, who gets on a high-end fashion reality TV show wearing a sleeveless polo? I doubt Ralph Lauren would even rock this look.

The Most Entertaining

Anthony Williams

One look at this man and I am convinced he is a barrel of LOLs.  Look at that smile, those creased brows; it looks like he is laughing at his own joke.  And it’s probably really funny.

The Boring One

Janeane Marie Ceccanti

Sigh. Even her name is boring. She’s probably a very good designer, but I have a feeling we won’t be seeing much of her generic face on the camera this season.

The First One Auf’d

Pamela Ptak

I dunno what it is about Pamela, but she just looks too suburban-yoga-mom-next-door to make it very far in this competition. Enjoy her now, because she’s gonna be out tomorrow.

The Winner

Maya Luz

Besides looking edgy and hip, Maya totally has that designer name I can see sewn into the back of some killer couture dresses. First celebrity client: Cristina Ricci. Mostly because they look like twins.

We’ll be live-blogging the season premier tonight at 10 PM EST. Grab a snack, watch with us and see if you can indeed judge a fashion designer by their reality TV headshot.

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