Duke It Out: Socks and Sandals?

Hot daaaamn or hot mess?

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Ok, I noticed this one floating around out there early this fall and the time has come for somebody to say something – what’s the deal with wearing socks with our summer heels? At first I thought it was just J Crew trying to make socks sexy or cute or something that will make us want to buy them, but I just finished reading the new issue of Glamour and they had a photo spread where nearly half the pics showed the model with thick strappy sandals or peep-toes + socks.

Admittedly, these were nice, colorful socks – not your gym variety – but still, I’m torn about whether this is OK.

On the one hand, anything that gives me a chance to wear my pretty summer shoe collection more than just a measly 3 months out of the year is a good thing in my book (hey, those things cost money!). And I have to admit, I’ve been a sock fan for a while now but rarely have a chance to wear anything more exciting than the white tennis-shoe variety. So it seems like two rights should make a right, right? (OK, that was confusing.) Plus, on the models, I can’t help but find the look kind of cute in a funky sort of way, so why not give it a try? Warm toes plus cute shoes is a total win!

But when I tried the look on in my bedroom I looked a lot more “5-year-old-who-dressed-herself” than “I-don’t-care-what-you-think-chic” and the BF thought I’d gone insane. So after consulting my mags once again, I realize that while it may look cute on the models, so does the other crazy stuff they have on – stuff that would make me look like I’d just broken out of a mental institution. There’s also the little fact that I live in NYC and socks are probably not going to be nearly enough toe coverage when it comes time for my morning sprint to the subway. And perhaps the greatest deterrent of all to me is that age old fashion rule that socks and sandals are mortal enemies – I know we’re supposed to be breaking the mold, but somehow it just seems blasphemous!

So what do you think?

Should I just go with the flow and rock those socks? Will you? Or will this catalog combo get me make me the laughing stock of NYC?

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