The CC Weekly Weigh In: Annoying Drunks

Shots. Shots. Shots shots shots shots!

Let’s be honest: drinking is fun. So fun, in fact, you’re probably nursing a hangover right now so you can get the party started again in a few short hours. Everything is just so much more exciting when you’ve got a couple vodka sodas in your (carb-loaded) belly. Songs are better. Food tastes better. The weirdo guys from your Poli Sci class look better.

But somehow, no matter how much you drink, that sloppy drunk girl is still really effing annoying.

Yeah, a drunken Friday night (or Tuesday afternoon) is a wonderful thing, but there are a few downsides that come with it. This week I asked the CollegeCandy writers to weigh in on their biggest drinking pet peeves. You know you’ve got some too; share them below!

Norah – Drake University: I absolutely hate when drunk girls commandeer the iPod and play country songs all night. Your drunk singalong is nowhere near as cute as you think it is…and the rest of us just want to dance.

Brittany – University of Saint Thomas: My ability to miraculously “drunk delete” sent text messages before I am able to re-evaluate the embarrassment in the morning.  You would think it would be relieving to my ego, but there’s nothing there to explain that “What??” text from my crush in the morning. Great.

Meg – University of Delaware: My biggest drinking pet peeve are my friends who like to fight when they’re drunk. I get sick of saying “Of courrrrrrse she’s not as pretty as you are. Don’t be ridiculous!” or “Are you serious? Of course you could kick his ass! But lets go inside instead…”

Nina – Michigan State University: Three words: “I’m SOOOOOOOOOOOOOooooooo drunkkkk!” No need to tell me – it’s annoyingly clear already.

Ricki – University of Michigan: The annoying girl who always tags along on your plans and NEVER brings her own alcohol

Sarabeth – University of Texas: I hate, hate, HATE it when drunk guys start arguing at parties. Last week, there was a guy arguing that if Texas should secede from the U.S. Idiot.

Emmy – Loyola University Chicago: Ugh, I hate how the more I drink, the more likely I am to accidentally hook up with some random. Oh, and how I have absurd drunk late night cravings for sushi…

Kelly – University of Iowa: Definitely when people can’t control their bodily functions when drinking. On New Year’s Eve, one guy threw up everywhere, pooped his pants, and peed on a group of sleeping people. Classy.

Erica – Kent State University: The morning after paranoia..especially when you’re waking up in an unfamiliar place or without an article of clothing.

Sara C – Fordham: I can’t stand the morning after when people try to make being hungover a contest. “Oh yeah? I’m so hungover I microwaved my ice pack because I thought it was a breakfast sandwich!” Ew. Stop. The stupidity isn’t cute the next day.

Jessica – Hofstra: Throwing my diet out the window as soon as I have one beer. Frozen mac and cheese? Yes please. BBQ chips? Yes! Nacho cheese Dorritos on a buttered roll? HELL YEAH.

Ness – Sheridan: Waking up the next morning with that “oh no, what happened??” feeling.

Samantha – UC Santa Barbara: When you pregame for nothing, i.e. when you go out and find out that all the parties suck.

Zahra – Northwestern University: I hate when people get drunk and use it as an excuse to obsess over something for the night. No, I don’t want to hear your thirteenth theory on why that hot guy didn’t call you back, thanks.

Alex – Lakehead University: I have one friend who gets so sloppy that she can’t even stand up. Most nights I end up with my arms crooked under her armpits, supporting her entire body weight by 1am.

Jessica – Delaware: The next day cleanup.  I hate walking into the living room to 1,000 half-empty beer cans, shot glasses, bottles that are 3/4 full yet the caps are nowhere to be found. And the smell. Ugh.

Charlsie – Hollins: My biggest pet peeve when it comes to drinking is the sloppy walk-through of a frat house that usually involves getting Solo cups of beer or sangria all over my shoes or shirts. I can’t even begin to count all the shirts that have been ruined because someone walked by with sangria and spilled it on me. I’ll admit though, I’ve been guilty of this too!

Lauren H – The New School: How guys seem to think that they’re really great at sex when they’re drunk when in reality it’s like getting my groove on with a wet sponge when all I really want is to sleep anyway.

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