Weekly Wrap Up: What Up, Long Weekend?

Is there anything better than a Friday afternoon? You’ve got nothing to do: no gym, no homework, no nothing but kicking back and relaxing all cool and shooting some bball outside of the school. And it’s even better when there’s a long weekend ahead!

And boy do we need this long weekend. This week – the first back at school for most of us – has kicked our butts. There was so much going on we nearly forgot to eat today… and eating is not something we ever forget to do around here. Especially when it comes to snacks that freshen up our faces.

Let’s reflect:

– Both American Idol and Project Runway kicked off this week.

– NBC and Jay Leno royally screwed over Conan and his dedicated fans.

– Not that we should be watching all that TV, anyway. That stuff is killing us!

– We debated whether it’s OK for girlfriends to hang with guy friends.

– And whether girls should have to get all dolled up to spend a night IN with their men.

– But how do we get a boyfriend anyway when these freaks are taking over the online dating world?

– We looked for advice on saving some moolah.

– Then spent it on some gorgeous gray clothing (to match our gray winter mood).

– Then we learned about Olympic hottie, J.R. Celski, and suddenly we felt all better.

– But as much as we’d like to take him back to our place, there are still a few things we hate about sexy time. Regardless of his size.

– Finally, we took a moment to hear the other woman’s side of things.

Thank God it’s Friday.
Bring on the 3-day weekend!

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Let’s Help Haiti
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