The Golden Globes Red Carpet Live-blog

It’s finally here! The glitz, the glamor, the celebrities stuffed into Spanx so they look flawless in their couture gowns. Yes, the Golden Globes pre-show is about to start and, OMG, we could not be more excited! Sure, the actual awards show is gonna be fantastic (go Gabourey Sidibe!), but we’re all about the fashion around here.

Are you ready for some Golden Globes Red Carpet action? Get that TV tuned into E! for Ryan Seacrest and Giuliana Rancic’s coverage and watch with us. We’ll be sharing our reactions right here and we want to hear your fashion critiques/”OMG-She-Looks-STUNNING”s, so put them in the comments section below.

We’ll be looking out for a few of our favorite fashion icons and crossing our fingers for some real red carpet trainwrecks. So let’s get to the show!

6:01 PM: Is Giuliana wearing a gum wrapper?

6:02: Ah! Rain! My hair is frizzing up just watching.

6:04: Sofia Vergara from Modern Family looks like she wrapped sheets around her body on the way out of the house. Gorgeous woman, but not lovin’ the dress.

6:06: Whoa! Who is this Ryan Kwanten? And Alexander Skarsgard? Looks like I gotta start watching True Blood. Deeelish.

6:09: OMG MR. SHUSTER!!! He looks damn good in a tux.

6:11: Sandra Bullock donated a million dollars to Haiti relief? I didn’t think it was possible to love her more than I already did, but she really is Hollywood perfection.

6:17: How does Lisa Edelstein get her boobs looking so perky sans bra?! My boobs don’t even look like that with the aid of Victoria’s Secret’s best.

6:18: Chase Crawford. I just wet myself.

6:19: Hellooooo, Cory Monteith. I want to tear that Hugo Boss tux right off of you and do naughty things.

6:22: Who’s excited for Ricky Gervais? Maybe if he kills it tonight he’ll take Conan’s spot on the Tonight Show. Or, for the love of god, maybe HE will be the one that can finally de-thrown Jay Leno.

6:27: Does Mickey Rourke creep anyone else out? I am sure he’s a nice man, but I just don’t understand how that blonde bombshell can hold his hand let alone see him in the buff.

6:30: Elizabeth Moss = ew. The hair, the dress, the long necklace…. all bad, bad, badddd.

6:31: Ginnifer Goodwin’s boobs look a little to….cone-y. And what’s with the hair/chunky black heels? This girl needs some serious Rachel Zoe.

6:33: Yay Neil Patrick Harris! Could you love a gay man more? He’s funny, he’s humble and, damn, he looks great in a tux.

6:36: HOLY HELL Christina Hendricks’ BOOBS. Is that what Heidi Montag was aspiring for? And, damn, Emily Blunt looks gorge. But there is John? WHERE IS HE??

6:38: Oh wait. There he is. Looking adorable as always. I love you, John Krasinski! Don’t get married! (Although I guess if I was gonna lose him to someone, it should be to someone as gorgeous and fabulous as Emily Blunt.)

6:41: Ok, I know Adrian Grenier may have smelly balls (at least that’s the rumor) but homeboy looks goooood. There is something about those curls that makes me weak in the knees.

6:42: Inglorious Basterds should most definitely win Best Movie. Even if Tarantino is the biggest weirdo on this planet.

6:44: OK, I love you Lea Michele, but that dress is a bit too much. Why is it so….big?

6:46: Sorry, Lea, but Sandra Bullock is far more importante than you. Even if her dress isn’t her best choice. Color? Great. Hair? Fantastic? Weird sheer wings? Not so much.

6:49: Wait. Is Chase Crawford really saying that his life is hard because he’s so ridiculously good looking?

6:50: Vera Farmiga – I don’t know who you are, but I’m LOVING your dress. It’s black but it’s different, and that’s not easy to do (just ask Lea Michele). Also, I think Fergie is incredibly talented but she’s just not…pretty. Especially when she tries to dress all classy. It just doesn’t look right. Josh, on the other hand, is very, very, veryyyyy pretty.

6:52: George Clooney’s lady friend looks a little like a post-op tranny. In a REALLY pretty dress.

6:58: Marillon Cotillard might be the most beautiful woman on this planet. Even if her bra is hanging out of her dress. And I’m lovin’ Anna Paquin’s dress on the top (yayyy cleavage), but it’s just a bit too much after that.

7:03: Oh no, Tina Fey. Oh nooooo. Who let her out in that thing? Not only is the skirt too full, but could that length be any less flattering? I think she might end up with worst dressed.

7:10: Not sure how I’m feeling about Penelope Cruz’s dress. I was expecting so much more from her. I mean, she’s obviously gorgeous, but the dress really let me down. She almost looks….fat in it!

7:16: OMG MARIAH CAREY! Either she’s pregnant or she shrunk that dress in the wash. Or she’s training to be a linebacker. She looked better in Precious than she does right now.

7:32: I’ll take Taylor Lautner to the Olive Garden! And, way to go, Courtney Cox. Her hair, Jewels and dress are all bangin! It’s amazing how simple yet sexy she can be.

7:34: Good work on Kate Hudson’s part to choose a dress that will make her look like she’s got SOMETHING going on on that chest of hers.

7:36:  Heidi Klum looks gorgeous as always. She may be carrying some extra baby weight, but she still looks breathtaking in that Cavalli dress. Seal might be the luckiest man on the planet.

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Overheard: Slim Pickings
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