Golden Globe Fashion: Our Fave Bits and Pieces

While the Golden Globes were pretty entertaining last night (what’s funnier than watching celebs make fun of each other and take serious jabs at NBC), the true magic of the show began a few hours before Ricky Gervais (be still my heart) took the stage. And that magic is better known as the Red Carpet.

When it came to the fashion choices last night, the celebs pulled out all the stops…and hairspray, as they had to brave the showers to make an appearance on the red carpet.  Of course, despite the rain, they all (well, almost all) looked amazing (I’m looking at you Mariah Carey!). And the fact that they could look so beautiful while showing support for Haiti just made the couture dresses all the more fabulous in my little eyes.

There was a whole lot of awesome on the Red Carpet. From Jane Krakowski’s gorgeous purple frock to Courtney Cox workin’ it in basic black, it really was hard to find a dress I didn’t like. But, as always, the beauty is really in the details, and there were some really breathtaking details on display. Below are a few of my favorite bits and pieces from the Golden Globes Red Carpet. Click on the picture to see the deets at work in the overall look!

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