The Weekly Ten: Ten Best Internet Memes, Ever.

It’s Monday, so you know what that means: The day is gonna suck It’s time for The Weekly Ten! This week I’m going to breathe through my anger (so I don’t Ronnie someone) and take a turn to the nerdy side. I love those internet memes. Sharing an inside joke with millions of people? Yes please.

Mocking Kanye? Even better.

You don’t have to be a dork to heart these, but you do have to be open to ridiculousness. Can’t get enough of them? Check out Know Your Meme and get inspired.

10.  Taylor, I’m really happy for you and Imma let you finish…

9. The Photobomb



7. CSI: Miami.

6. Yo Dawg

5. Buzzkilling

4. Demotivational Posters


2. Diabeetus.

1. Three Wolf Moon Shirt

Yes, there are a million billion more. From Mudkipz to Raptor Jesus, there’s a meme for everyone. Which favorite of yours did I leave out?

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