Wardrobe Wish List: Sorel Caribou Boots

Those of us east coasters lugging our duffels and a month’s worth of mom’s cooking back to school have the added joy of doing it in below freezing temperatures. I’ve feared losing some toes to frostbite one too many times in the past couple of weeks and it has left me scolding my Uggs for not being able to keep out the frigid air.

When I underestimated the size of a puddle and then spent the rest of the afternoon squishing through my errands last week, I reached my breaking point.

As much as I love my cozy Uggs during the cold winter months, the truth is, they just aren’t doing the trick during this extremely harsh visit from Mother Nature. That being said, I have added a new item to my wish list (and I am kicking myself over the fact that I couldn’t have come to this realization a month ago when I could have added it to my Christmas list instead).

I’ve seen a ton of people wearing them around campus and I too need to get myself a pair of Sorel Caribous boots.

They are warm, they are comfortable, and best of all they are waterproof, AKA no more freakin’ puddles and mounds of slush leaving me soaked down to my socks.

The more I look into them, the more practical they seem, which almost makes them a justifiable purchase. The inner lining is removable so it can be washed (unlike your Uggs that you have to keep Febreezing when they get that you’ve-worn-me-without-socks-one-too-many-times odor).

This inner lining also traps heat to your foot, and I can use any extra warmth I can get at this point. Plus, they aren’t that bad looking for snow boots, and we all know finding a winter boot that is durable and not hideous is like finding a college student who hasn’t heard of pong.

The black on black tone is streamlined enough that they don’t immediately draw everyone’s attention to your feet. And the tan with the black rubber sole has a sort of ski-lodge-meets-urban-dweller feel that actually may even venture into the realm of cute over a pair of black leggings and a plaid button down.

My Uggs are just going to have to hibernate until March, because I am in need of some heavy duty protection, and now that I’ve found a pair of boots that are cute and comfortable and actually keep my feet dry (gasp! Can you believe it?), I simply cannot suffer through another day of walking on my toes to prevent any drop of wetness from staining my shoes.

Puddles beware: armed with my new Sorel boots, I’ll be plowing right through.

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