High School…er…College Musical

It’s no secret that the current economic crisis had had a pretty severe impact on private universities. Not only have they lost some serious funding, but they’ve lost some serious student recruits who can no longer afford the high price of a private college education. Those universities, then, have been forced to get really crafty in their attempts to entice those incoming students to come their way.

And nothing says “Come to my school!” like a little song and dance.

Well, at least that’s what Yale thinks. They recently put together this gem to try and attract potential students, and other universities are scouring campus high and low for the theater kids and following suit (including mine).

Yes, my friends, that is a musical. A college recruitment musical. With singing and dancing and acting…and more singing. To get kids to choose Yale.

Now, I love me some Glee just as much as the next girl (Corey Monteith…yum), but really? Doesn’t it seem a bit…desperate…that the most prestigious university in the country needs a little song and dance (literally) to recruit? Theatre geeks might be into it, but I doubt the general student population would even give it 15 (!) minutes of their time.

Not only does it miss the mark in accurately representing college life (unless Yale students randomly break into song on the green, the treadmill or during office hours), but it is clearly an obvious attempt on the part of Yale to prove one thing and one thing only to their potential students: that there are some hot kids on campus, too (1:10, 3:04, 4:27, 4:32, 4:50 [wowza! that guy on the treadmill is smokin’!])

Yes, even at Yale.

And the lyrics! Nothing makes me want to choose Yale quite like a girl scooping out her lunch, belting out “Every college has a dining hall with a salad bar and grill….” It’s just way too cheesy on my lactose intolerant tummy.

I applaud those Yalies at creating a masterpiece and highlighting the acting and singing chops of some of the student body, but as far as wanting to go there now that I’ve seen their tour guide sing? Hm, not so much. And not even the killer guitar solos (at 12:10) will change my mind.

All I’m really feeling is sympathy for the poor kids who will never live this video down. As long as they live.

When it comes to recruiting students maybe universities should save their time and money and stick to sharing the stuff people really want to know: what the current students have to say. Not sing – say. We don’t need a cheesy song (that gets stuck in our heads for 4 hours) – we just want the real deal.

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