Buried Lives Fulfilled!

So with the recent influx of Spiedi-bites and Guidette catfights on MTV, there is finally hope for our generation to be remembered for some old fashioned do-gooding.

MTV’s latest reality show, The Buried Life, chronicles the journey of four boys from Canada, (Ben, Duncan (<3), Jonnie and Dave) who realized that they didn’t want to die with unfulfilled lives, so they wrote out a list of things they wanted to do before they died, bought a bus (Penelope) and set out to accomplish their own “bucket lists.”  But in addition to every dream they crossed off on their lists,  they decided that they would do one thing for someone else, making it doubly fulfilling.

In the first episode (which I just watched thanks to 200 pages of reading on Monday night), the boys set out to accomplish their sixth list item: party at the Playboy mansion (they are guys after all).  Two of the guys dress up like Oompa Loompas and attempt to get in through a cake and Ben dressed up as soccer star Christiano Ronaldo to try and get in.  The mission was successful as far as the boys were concerned, but not just because they got to party with some scantily clad lady friends.  They also (through some serious street performing skills) got a new computer for an LA grade school in need.

Pretty great, right? And not just for them or those students with a sweet new computer; The Buried Life has already totally inspired me. These guys have decided that they are not going to live their lives without a purpose and are not only accomplishing things that are their personal dreams, but are helping others to do the same.  They’ve made me realize (yes, after only one episode…that involved Hugh Hefner) that everyone’s dreams can be realized, even my own. Like singing in front of a large audience, or performing (and not bombing) some stand up comedy.

So what about you guys?  With The Buried Life in mind, what’s on your bucket list?  What would you need to do or say to feel that you have had a life fulfilled?  Sound off!

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Skiing Green
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