The Rival Rundown: Georgetown vs Syracuse

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Our focus this week are two Big East schools who have thirty years of history as basketball powerhouses. Syracuse and Georgetown may be known for their excellence in ballin’, but they are also competitive in top-notch academics and, er, curiously named mascots. Here’s to one of the most well-rounded rivalries in college sports!

Quick Facts

Georgetown: Private Jesuit university in Washington, DC with 7,000 undergraduates. Founded 1789.
Syracuse: Private research university in Syracuse, NY with 13,000 undergraduates. Founded 1870.

1. Basketball Record

Georgetown: 37-43
Syracuse: 43-37

Three credits to: Syracuse

2. Mascot Matchup

Georgetown: The university admits it cannot trace the precise origins of who coined the school nickname, but it is known that the Georgetown Hoyas (represented by a bulldog) take the name from a Latin saying, “Hoya Saxa!” meaning “What rocks!” It’s believed that the saying was used to describe the stonewall-like defenses of Georgetown’s athletics.
Syracuse: Formerly known as the Orangemen and Orangewomen, Syracuse athletes were officially labeled “The Orange” in 2004. The ‘Cuse nickname is simply derived from the vibrant tangerine hue of the school color.

Three credits to: Georgetown, for identifying an interjection from a dead language as a mascot.

3. Distinguished Programs

Georgetown: Arguably the best program in international relations in the country, the Edmund A. Walsh School of Foreign Service has brought generations of global leaders to the helm, including Bill Clinton and King Abdullah II of Jordan.
The Newhouse School of Public Communications is synonymous with excellence in communications and journalism. If your dream is to see your byline alongside those of alums Steve Kroft and Bob Costas,  then Syracuse is for you!

Three credits toGeorgetown, whose program has the edge of being located in the capital of the free world.

4. Ass-Kicking Alumni

Georgetown: Patrick Ewing, Bradley Cooper (drool), Allen Iverson (attended)
Syracuse: Betsey Johnson, Aaron Sorkin, Carmello Anthony (attended)

Three credits toA tie! Both schools bost plenty more A-list alums from a wide variety of disciplines, and these are but a few selections. Bravo!

5. Acceptance Rate Agony

Georgetown: 18.8%
Syracuse: 52.5%

Three credits toGeorgetown

And the diploma goes to: Georgetown. Though the Orange give a strong showing as the basketball series leader, the Hoyas come out on top. Go Hoyas!

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