Would You Rather: Parental Control Edition

One would think getting Monday off would make for a more pleasant week, but one would be wrong. Yeah, we’re all one day closer to the weekend, but we also spent one more day last weekend partying it up and eating cheese fries at 3am. And it has taken a serious toll on our bodies. We’re seriously dreaming of the moment we can crawl into bed, watch Modern Family and pass out.

But before we do, let’s play a game of Would You Rather. If nothing else, pondering life’s most random situations will turn our brains on for those back-to-back lectures we have this afternoon. Think long and hard – and then re-think it just to be sure – and choose your answer. Then, if you can handle the thought, share your reasoning in the comment section below.

Would you rather your parents watch every date you go on for a year OR find them sitting on your bed at 2am when you come home with a “friend”?

[polldaddy poll=2561135]

Things to consider: the stories you tell on dates, daddy’s little girl, beer goggles.

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