The Know: Protein, My Way

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We love make your own stuff around here. That is, when we aren’t the ones that actually have to make it. (Because who wants to make dinner after a long day of class? Helloooooo, cereal for dinner!)

Make your own granola mix.
Custom build your own photo art.
Design your own Nikes.

As long as someone else is doing the customizing, I am ALL about making things myself. I’m picky and I like things my way; just ask anyone who has ever been out to dinner with me. I customize my order like it’s my job, which makes the waiter’s job that much more difficult. But I don’t care – I want what I want and that’s that.

Which is why I am obsessed with Element’s Make-Your-Own Snack/Energy bars. I always love to have a bar handy in my bag when 5pm rolls around and the entire library can hear my stomach rumble, but I always catch myself saying “I wish this bar had chocolate or cashews, or dried cherries, or a protein boost” only to be disappointed. Element has heard my prayers (and probably my stomach rumbles) and is now offering every single one of our picky selves the opportunity to create a healthy snack just the way we like it.

You pick the base (chewy, oaty, crispy, datey), the fruits, the nuts, the sweets (mmmm, pumpkin spice!) and the boosts (like protein or Omega 3) that you like. You can even see the exact nutrition information of the bar as you add each item! Then you name your bar (Jill’s Picky Protein Bar for me!) and soon you’ll be munching on a healthy snack that actually tastes good and keeps you full!

All without having to slave over the stove for hours.

Now, If only they had a build your own man. That would be something worth knowing about.

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