Do We Want Brangelina To Fail?

Unless you have been under a rock or sleeping off a massive hangover since yesterday (or woke up from a night of partying under a rock….), news has been stirring about the fate of Brangelina. But contrary to what we’re all used to, Brad Pitt and Angelina Jolie have finally broken the tabloids with a story that is not about their decision to adopt another child.  In fact, it is to end their decisions together as a couple all together.

Rumor has it that Brad and Angie are breaking up.

While the couple has not officially said anything just yet, the media world is buzzing. Not surprisingly (it is Brangelina, after all) every tabloid, gossip site and news source has covered the story.  What is surprising, though, is the fact that no one really seems to care.

Unlike Brad’s last relationship fail with Jennifer Aniston, (and many other celebrity marriages) the world isn’t approaching this story with a “OMG, not THEM!” sort of feeling, but rather with an an “It’s about time” attitude. We were all devastated when the perfection of Brad and Jen was no more, but it seems we feel no remorse when chewing on the thought of the farewell of Brad and Angie (and, hopefully, that awful beard Brad’s been sportin’).

Why is this particular break-up not hitting the tabloids with headlines, like “OMG We Can’t Believe It!?” And why does everyone want this relationship to fail?

Two words: Angelina Jolie.

Angelina may be a spectacular and successful actress, but she’s been rubbing many of us the wrong way since she announced she’d had sex with Billy Bob on the way to the Oscars. And it only got worse when she stabbed America’s sweetheart, Jen Aniston, in the back by stealing her man from under her nose. We all felt the sting. Basking in the pleasure of a broken-hearted Angelina Jolie, then, is a guilty pleasure I think everyone subconsciously craves.

And who doesn’t feel a bit threatened by her perfection? Maybe it’s because we are all jealous she can wear a $20 thrifted dress on the red carpet and looking absolutely stunning. Or how flawless her acting career is. Or how she is saving the world, one person at a time.  Or how she goes to bed with Brad Pitt every night. She is Angelina Jolie. She is perfect. And now it’s our chance to strike back a little bit; to savor the moment as Angelina’s perfect facade cracks a little and her world comes crumbling down.

Is it bad that I just smiled at the thought?

I feel bad saying it, but I think I’d be pleased if this break-up were official. And besides worrying about the fate of the litter children, I think the world agrees.

What about you? Would you care if the Brangelina empire unraveled?

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