The Weekly Ten: Living With Dudes

I miss my boys. Sigh.

I’m girly to the core.

I love pink (even though no one in New York wears it; what the hell?), I’m fussy about what shampoo I use and, if I had the option, I would wear dresses every single day. I’ve never had brothers and even my dog is a girly girl, but I have always found myself being happiest around the dudes. My best friends are guys, and I definitely prefer nights watching them scream at the TV while playing Call of Duty to sipping cosmos and having Sex-and-the-City-esque discussions with the ladies.

I lived with guys for a year and I loved every second of it. I’m not sure why, but recently I moved in with a girl. And it’s been… different. Sure, it’s nice to have someone tidy and not stinky who DVRs The Bachelor religiously, but I miss my guys. Why? Well, why don’t I just give you 10 lovely reasons.

10. They tell it like it is
Boys don’t write passive aggressive notes, Facebook messages or emails. They don’t hold grudges or sleep with your boyfriend. They’re direct; if you screw up, they yell and it sucks for about thirty seconds, but moments later you’ll be back to bumming it on the couch laughing over South Park like nothing ever happened.

9. They don’t judge
You know that look that girls give you? The up and down look and then the miniature comment along the lines of “You’re wearing that out?” or “You’re funnyyyy.” Yeah, guys? Don’t care.

8. Don’t like doing dishes? No problem!
Of course no one likes living in filth, but I do miss the days of not breaking out in a sweat picking up every little thing, or using a coaster, or, caring about drapes. The days when the dining room table was a plastic beer pong table covered in empty Keystone cans and Solo cups. Sigh. Such sweet memories.

7. Best. Cooks. Ever.

I don’t know if it was just me, but every guy roomie I ever had was a phenomenal chef. Girls would rather get takeout, but the guys would want to do these home-cooked fantastic meals. Thrifty and tasty. Mmmmm.

6. Down for ANYTHING
Tuesday night? Let’s go to the bar. Wednesday night? Let’s go wander around New York or Boston and find the best 24-hour spots. Sunday afternoon? Bar. Basically, any time I would come home, someone would be down to go out or have a good time.

5. Hellooo, friends!

I never had any interest in my guy roommates, but ohmygod, major perk? Guys bring around more guys. Gorgeous, lacrosse guys.

4. Big Brother 24/7

As someone who never had a brother who had my back, it was always great to get a guy on my side, ready to pummel any creep at the bar or punk who tried to wrong me.

3. Unlimited Comfy Clothes
Okay, so maybe they don’t have cute cocktail dresses to borrow on Friday nights, but those oversized sweatshirts are just the thing when trekking to class at 8AM.

2. No drama
Never have I ever dealt with a boy roomie weepy over his exes, drowning in ice cream and romantic comedies.

1. Totally comfortable
No matter what, I was never uncomfortable in my apartment and neither were my friends and boyfriend. Guys welcome people with open arms, and, well, girls don’t. If I’m doing my own thing, my BF always had someone to chat with about football and my friends had someone cute to hook up with automatically. Whenever I lived with guys, it was drama-free and it was home. And I miss it.

If you haven’t lived with guys yet, try it out!

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