Do-It-Yourself-Tuesdays: MJ Inspired Embellished T-Shirt

As a DIY enthusiast, I am huge lover of all things fashion. One of the (many) reasons I love fashion is because it’s inherently a never ending Do-It-Yourself project. And one of the reasons I love DIY is because I can take all the expensive things I see on the runways and make ’em myself on the cheap.

It’s a little circle of love up in here.

Fashion, at it’s core, is all about constant recreation and re-invention. It’s a continuously evolving way to recreate wearable arts & crafts. Yes, many trends are timeless and never go out of style (I see you, Little Black Dress), but most trends are just re-thought styles of the past.

And right now everyone is re-thinking and re-styling 80s trends and glam rock. Neon is everywhere; you can’t go anywhere without seeing leather leggings; embellished boots have made a kick-ass comeback; and my ultimate favorite, embellished Michael Jackson inspired t-shirts, can make any girl feel like a smooth criminal (OK, so not actually a criminal, but they will make you feel pretty bad ass).

And you can make those bad ass shirts all by yourself! Here’s an easy and money-savvy way to rock the MJ inspired look without breaking the bank!

What You’ll Need:

Old plain t-shirt: You probably have an extra shirt lying around. If not, pick up a pack of plain undershirts at Target or any craft store for just a few bucks!
Tip: Use any color and style shirt you want, but white and black are the most MJ-esque and look the best with added embellishments.

Fabric glue:
Find this at any craft store. For best results use fabric glue designed especially for gluing gemstones and other embellishments to fabric.
FYI: If you’re a natural born sewer, this project can be also be done by sewing, eliminating the need for fabric glue. But if you’re like me and end up pricking yourself with needles and therefore stay as far away from them as possible, fabric glue will work just fine.

Silver, Black, and Gold Embellishments:
These will be for the shoulder area of your t-shirt. Packs of medium/and large rhinestones, chain, beads, sequin appliques, and other silver embellishments will make your shirt rockglamchic.

2 Fabric patches
Pick up 2 small pieces of fabric (in the same color as the shirt color you’ve chosen) from the same craft store you’re already at for everything else. These will be placed on the shoulders, so you’ll want to grab sizes (or cut your fabric to size) according to how big you want you want your embellished piece to be. You will glue (or sew) your embellishments to these pieces of fabric, which will later be sewn onto the shirt.

Shoulder pads:
If you dare….

Needle and Thread:
Same thread color as your shirt choice.

What You’ll Do:

1. Wash your shirt first. Nobody likes crafting with dirty clothes!

2. Cut your fabric piece to the right size and shape (I recommend having a friend help trace the size of your shoulder), then glue (or sew) your embellishments onto your two fabric patches in any design or pattern that you want, using your fashion glue. Let dry!

3. Sew (or glue if sewing really isn’t your thang) on your now-embellished fabric pieces onto the shoulders of your t-shirt. If you’re daring and want a true 80s silhouette, this is where you also sew those shoulder pads into the inside of the t-shirt.

4. That was easy as 1-2-3… literally. You’re done! Work it, baby! You can dress up your shirt by tucking it into a skirt or pairing it with leggings and heels, or go casual and wear it with jeans.

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