The Guidos Play Hardball with MTV

Looks like MTV has got themselves a Situation.

The fist-pumping “guidos” and “guidettes” of the overnight sensation Jersey Shore are demanding more money for a second season of GTL and hair-poufing.  But wait a sec! Is MTV actually threatening to replace them with new overly muscular guys and shiny orange girls?

The answer is yes. According to TMZ, the network has offered each star $10,000 per episode for the second season and it’s not enough for our favorite juice-heads. I can totally see why; not only are gym memberships and tanning packages expensive, but these kids made a lot of money for MTV and they know it. Now that they’re so big (even Leo DiCaprio knows what GTL is!), they are in a position of power and can demand a whole lot more.

Or so they think.
Rumor has it, if our little Guidos don’t agree to the deal MTV will be replacing them.

At first this news was upsetting to me; what would my life be without some Snooki in it? How could MTV betray me like that!? But the more I thought of it, the more I realized that maybe come next summer we’ll need a new batch of Guidos doin’ their thang at The Shore. A second summer with the same characters will probably get boring.  I mean, we already know that every night Ronnie will get in a fistfight, Pauly D will rock a blowout, the Situation will bring home “grenades,” and J-Woww may or may not cheat on her boyfriend.

Besides, the entire scenario will change now that everyone on the planet will know who these kids are. There was something real and authentic about this season of Jersey Shore; these were just your basic Guidos living it up for the summer. That will be lost when you bring back 8 kids who have spent their year getting paid (oodles of money) to party. With celebrities.

While it will be hard to see someone else gettin’ down with hippos in the hot tub, I have faith that a new Jersey Shore cast will be better than the original. It is MTV, after all. I’m sure they’ve received audition tapes from people more annoying and whiney than Sammi, more obnoxious than The Situation, and more of a mess than Snooki (okay, that one’s debatable).

I say out with the old, and in with the new!
What do you guys think?

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