The Rival Rundown: Oklahoma vs Oklahoma State

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This week we high-tail it to O-o-o-klahoma, where the winds come sweeping down the plain! Where the Oklahoma Sooners and the Oklahoma State Cowboys are frequent rivals in the Bedlam Series! Where–well, you’ll just have to read on to find out!

Quick Facts

Oklahoma: Public research institution in Norman, OK with 20,000 undergraduates. Founded 1890.
Oklahoma State: Public land- and sun-grant university in Stillwater, OK with 18,000 undergraduates. Founded 1890.

1. Bedlam Series Record (football)

Oklahoma: 80-15-8
Oklahoma State: 15-80-8

Three credits to: Oklahoma

2. Mascot Matchup

Oklahoma: OU is the only school with the Sooner as a mascot. The name is taken from the historical notion of “sooners,”  nineteenth-century American settlers who embarked on Western expansion too soon before the Oklahoma Territory was legally available. The term “Sooner” became synonymous with Progressivism, determination, and ambition.
Oklahoma State: The official nickname of OSU athletics is the Cowboys, their mascot is Pistol Pete. Students once saw Frank Eaton, a famous author and cowboy, leading a local Armistice Day Parade and asked if he might model for the drawing of the school’s mascot.  Ever since, Pistol Pete has charmed fans and outlawed rivals.

Three credits to: Oklahoma has the creative edge

3. Fun Facts

Oklahoma: Continuing the progressive Sooner spirit, OU announced that its main campus will be run entirely by wind power by 2013.
Oklahoma State: OSU is home to the nation’s largest student-run pep rally, known as the Orange Peel. It sells more than ten thousand tickets each year.

Three credits to: Oklahoma State. Just try to name another student production that successful.

4. Ass-Kicking Alumni

Oklahoma: Steve Owens, Adrian Peterson, Dennis Weaver
Oklahoma State: Garth Brooks, Barry Sanders (attended), Gary Busey (attended)

Three credits toOklahoma

5. Acceptance Rate Agony

Oklahoma: 81.5%
Oklahoma State: 89%

Three credits toOklahoma

And the diploma goes to: Oklahoma! No questions here, the Sooner spirit has OU marching forth into the new decade with athletics and tradition on its side.

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