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Tim Tebow in Trouble


There is no doubt that Tim Tebow is an outstanding athlete, a two time Heisman winner who will automatically enter the 2010 NFL Draft. But did you know that the world might never have known that?  In 1987, Pam Tebow was urged by doctors in the Phillipines to abort her pregnancy, because they feared that not only would the baby be stillborn but that her life might be in danger as well.  Pam decided to go against the suggestions of her doctors and carried the baby to term, producing one of the greatest college quarterbacks of all time.

And now, Tim Tebow is sharing that story and speaking out against abortion in a 30 second spot for a Christian group called “Focus on Family” during the Super Bowl.

The media is buzzing, the NFL is talking and women’s rights groups nationwide are in a tizzy.

But why?
Why does anyone care?
Why does it matter that Tim Tebow is speaking out on a political cause?

The answer to that is: it doesn’t.  Everyone needs to stop making such a huge fuss about Tim Tebow participating in a pro-life ad. I mean, really, did this take anyone by surprise?  Tebow is the son of two Christian missionaries and has always been known for being a conservative who has religious standings.  He has been criticized for being preachy before, and is often outspoken on issues like this.

Even more, this ad really isn’t that big of a deal.

It was approved by a major network (CBS), who we can only assume wouldn’t air a crazily polarizing ad during their most lucrative advertising day. They wouldn’t want to risk the millions they’re making from everyone else, after all.  I understand why people feel so passionate about this ad and the message it aims to send, but Focus On Family isn’t trying to brainwash anyone into thinking that pro-life is the only true way of thinking. They’re simply doing what Coca-Cola and American Express do every year: trying to get a message out to the largest possible audience about a cause that they want to promote.

If they pay the millions required to get the air-time and have an approved script by the network airing their ad, it shouldn’t matter that Tim Tebow is taking that stand for the pro-life movement in a public forum.  This is no different than him saying to it to reporters after a game, so if the pro-choice people are going to be that riled up, maybe they should just remember that other political right that we’re all entitled to: free speech.

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